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My Lovely Lawn provides high-quality artificial grass installations with creative and functional designs designs at competitive prices.

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Our creative team help you realise your dream garden with premium-quality, toxic-free and dirt-free artificial grass that is soft, safe, easy to clean and designed for your family to have fun bonding.

Brush up on your putting and practice your golf skills around the green with your very own golf putting green. Our premium-quality artificial grass provides you with a flawless surface and personalised design.

Revamp your business or exhibition space with our range of alluring designs and low-maintenance artificial grass to attract clients and provide employees with relaxing green space.

Provide your customers with a safe and functional space for playing sports including football, tennis, hockey and golf. Our range of high-quality sport surface installations is also ideal for swimming pools and children’s playgrounds.

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My Lovely Lawn provides premium-grade artificial lawns manufactured by recognised and regulated brands in Europe. We also recognise the value of a five-star customer experience and deliver exceptional service that guarantees customer satisfaction.

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Adam & Dilan provide an all-in-one landscape solution, includes bespoke design, supply and installation for your convenience.


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Join us this year and create stunning designs that transform your space.

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Our Products and Services

Premium quality materials with 10-years artificial grass manufacturers warranty, with 2-10 years warranty on workmanship
Competitive pricing and transparent quoting
Our online facility makes it easy for you to request a quote – and our estimate is a fixed price*
All our products are sourced from reputable manufacturers in the EU
Child, pet-friendly and sports surfaces
Wide range of products with different colours, densities and heights to match your preference and your needs
Free synthetic grass samples sent to your address
Services include levelling or flattening, garden clearance, patio installation, fencing, tree and stump removal, edging and much more
Flexible and creative solutions to align your preferences with your budget
Excellent communication throughout on any of your preferred channels
We care about the environment as much as you and prioritise sustainability

* Pricing terms are subject to the agreed project but may be adapted if your plans change - but we always try to be fair and flexible

About us

My Lovely Lawn is a friendly team of experienced artificial grass installers that supply and deliver high-quality functional green spaces for families and businesses to create memorable occasions.

Artificial Grass Supplier

Our Story

We supply and install premium-grade artificial grass manufactured in the EU and passed as safe by regulators. Our highly-skilled specialists use the latest technology and techniques to transform the landscape of customers living in London, Surrey, and Hertfordshire.


YES! We installed our first artificial lawn grass! The quality of artificial grass London has improved since then - and so have our techniques!


A turning point in our service delivery. We adopted 3D design software to create stunning landscapes customers can visualise before we start work.


An industry-high with reports that 87% of people prefer artificial lawns over natural grass. My Lovely Lawn was founded to deliver a specialist fake grass installation services as new standout features for homes and businesses in London, Surrey and Hertfordshire.


We are proud to provide carefully designed landscapes that meet the needs and preferences of all users


“We spend time with family, friends and colleagues at home or on the pitch. Quality and assurance is essential to cherish new memories on your lovely lawn."

– Adam, Co-Founder

Our clients

We work with big and small.

Whether you contract with us to install a small area of artificial grass for your front lawn or a full-featured football pitch, you’ll always get what you pay for.

Thank you to you and the team for this great result. Very professional and courteous to all our staff.


Very happy to have chosen My Lovely Lawn - a fresh and energetic team who were professional in designing my back garden golf course and suggested plenty of ideas. They sent me some large samples so I could evaluate the colours and test the grass for myself. Very tidy and the installers were polite and hardworking. Very happy having chosen them over several companies who didnt keep in communication with me and couldn't understand my needs. My neighbours are interested and have already recommended them. Thank you gentleman


I originally spoke to Dilan who was very comforting surrounding the entire installation process and getting my quote put together. For the logistics and fitting Adam and his team took over and kept me in the loop for my opinion on the fit. They were very professional from start to finish. I am super pleased with the result. Would definitely recommend to others and would go with them in future for any additional houses.


"Josh, the kids and I are loving the new artificial grass playground in our garden installed by My Lovely Lawn. What a transformation, we spend more time outside with the kids and I love it"


Adam, Dilan and their team did a fabulous job with our back garden. Extremely knowledgeable and provided excellent advice so we could make the right choice of artificial grass. Nothing was too much trouble and we are over the moon with the results…no more mud! Very clean and tidy and professional throughout - highly recommend My Lovely Lawn London!


“We are so impressed with the quality and price of the work performed by your employees. My wife and I absolutely love our transformation from natural turf to artificial grass. Thank-you!”


We wanted the project done before the start of March. Adam and Dilan delivered. The garden is transformed and fully useable. We continuously discussed minor tweaks to improve the final result. MLL were attentive and professional and the final result is amazing. I would have no hesitation in recommending these guys.


Thrilled with the service from My Lovely Lawn - Adam and the team were very pro-active and professional in replacing our artificial grass main area which looks brilliant - the kids and parents will love this. We will continue to work with My Lovely Lawn and our partner schools in the years to come.


Brilliant job, the kids are happy and the drainage issues are fixed. Great team, thank you.


Dilan and the team are dedicated and professional. Outstanding operational work realising our 3D design. They were tidy, clean and cleaned up every day after taking in materials day in day out. Nik's attention to detail on installing our Cedar decking with photography dark room was magnificent. A sincere credit, highly recommend!!

Jessica. N

"Dilan and his team transformed our commercial premises with professionalism. My customers can now eat and enjoy the outdoors, during lockdown thank-you for everything"


Recently had my garden transformed from an unsightly, unusable, overgrown patch to a lovely summer haven, with a safe place for my son to play. Communication from start to finish was professional, informative, polite, friendly and never pushy. The installation team on the day, were polite, super efficient, made sure everything was clean and tidy before leaving, and kept me informed along ever step of the way to make sure i was happy with the progress. All thats left to do, is fill the garden with flowers and enjoy the summer to come! Very happy customer!


Looks great! Happy with the team and the service thank you


The guys at My Lovely Lawn have been amazing getting our new lawn in before Christmas. Adam and Dilan were super professional, gave great advice, were easy & clear to communicate with from start to finish and have done a fantastic job with the new artificial lawn (the most important bit?!). We approached them without much knowledge of what we were looking for but we knew we needed something that was suitable for our little dog as well. They explained the best available grasses and process and provided all the relevant details so we could make an informed choice. Their quote was very competitive to others we’d received and their offer came with extra warrantees, which is great. On the day/s the grass was laid they were as reliable as ever, on time and really friendly and easy to work with. Thanks to you both for the great work - would highly recommend.


Absolutely brilliant service from Josh and the team. From start to finish they were professional and polite. It was completed within a very reasonable time frame and the overall result was better than I had imagined very impressed with these guys.


Superb finish, reliable and quality service. They were very courteous with the neighbours, and also great with our kids which made my wife feel safe. The garden is completely transformed and at the highest standard which was better than I expected. Great work from Dilan and Adam to make this experience a great one and have recommended My Lovely Lawn to several friends!


It looks amazing! Thank you so much to Dilan & Adam for installing grass! There was little effort on our side and they worked extremely hard, were on time and kept me updated throughout the whole process. We have already asked them to install at another Nursery of ours! Would highly recommend!


“We had terrible drainage and worms ruining our lawn. Dilan & Adam have dramatically changed my garden, planning with precision. My wife and I are happy and am enjoying the putting green a lot. Fully recommended”


“ My Lovely Lawn's workmanship and attention detail is second to none. We have an eye catcher of a garden. Look no further for an Artificial Grass installer, approach My Lovely Lawn with confidence!”


So impressed by the work the boys did in our small garden this week. They understood our needs - three lively Labradors who have destroyed the grass lawn we laid only a few months ago - and helped us arrive at a solution. They stepped up to fit us in promptly and completed the job in the predicted timeframe. Very satisfied. No hesitation in recommending this business highly.


I was nervous about taking the leap to artificial grass due to cost and not really knowing a local company. I found My Lovely Lawn through the internet and initial contact was made by Adam. All through the process he was helpful and informative without being pushy. Samples of the grass were sent before i had committed. A site visit followed where i was able to meet Adam and discuss in more detail what I'd like. He also advised on the merits of the different grasses. Once I'd committed an installation date was quickly agreed upon. I liked that we used a WhatsApp group to communicate. He arranged delivery of skip, grass and aggregates which all arrived as planned. Workers arrived as scheduled and completed my job in 2 days. Im really pleased with the new look. On completion i received a maintenance tools and tips pdf, which I'm yet to read together with my 10 year warranty pdf. The whole team i dealt with were great. There even took care by placing boarding down when emptying aggregates so as not to damage my driveway. All in all a great experience. Professional and personable.


"Superb service, turned up and completed on time! Job was professionally finished and communication throughout the whole journey was superb. I am in love with My Lovely Lawn!"


Thanks to you and your team. Garden is looking good. Done a great job!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have compliled some quick answers to questions that our clients have asked us to help you know more about artificial grass.
What material is artificial grass London made from?

Traditionally, artificial lawns have been made from polypropylene, polyethene and nylon (polyamide). Polyethene is usually the dominant material but most of the premium quality grasses on today’s market use a blend of polyethene and polypropylene.

Nylon is the strongest fibre and is naturally hard-wearing. However, it’s also more abrasive and more expensive than its counterparts. If you have pets or plan to install a lawn as a children’s play area, soft artificial grass is the best option so opt for a woven polyethene and polypropylene blend.

What type of turf installation is best for low and high-traffic areas?

You can lay practically any type of fake grass installation in low-traffic areas. Our selection of luxury artificial grass offers the best aesthetically pleasing lawns but not necessarily the best pile height to suit your needs.

For high-traffic play areas, short artificial grass with a pile height between 23mm-30mm is the best option. Longer pile heights don’t hold up as well over time although fake grass with a C-shape memory yarn does have an excellent bounce back.

Dense artificial grass with a blend of polyethene and polypropylene is a good all-rounder but lawns featuring nylon fibres in the lower thatch will outperform and outlast other materials.

How do I know if the artificial grass sample is of good quality?

Most artificial grass in London, Surrey and Kent is exceptionally well-manufactured but there are some cheap artificial grass samples you should avoid. Look for a trusted artificial turf installation service near you that provides premium quality products.

Low prices are a dead giveaway. Cheap artificial grass is typically made from low-quality materials which wear out after two or three years. You should expect at least 10-20 years from luxury artificial grass.

Synthetic grass imported from China is generally made from low-quality materials and the manufacturing techniques are questionable as well. There may also contain toxins and heavy metals such as lead which can be poisonous to pets and toddlers.

We recommend purchasing dense artificial grass originating from Europe. The materials used by European manufacturers are of premium quality and, by law, do not contain potentially harmful chemicals or metals. Safety standards are far higher in Europe than they are in Asia.

Identifying inferior artificial grass samples is quite easy. Cheap fake grass has thin fibres and the backing peels away fairly easily. If the primary and secondary backing separates easily it’s because they contain lower quantities of latex.

You may also find artificial grass installations offered at a low price because they are “factory seconds.” This essentially means they have a defect such as a different coloured streak across the turf. This happens when a machine operator doesn't clean the spool thoroughly and the previous dye leaves a mark.

How much does artificial grass installation cost?

You can choose from Budget artificial grass, LifeStyle artificial grass and Luxury artificial grass.

Prices can range from:
Budget = £10-£15 per m2
LifeStyle £15 - £20 per m2
Luxury = £20 - £35 per m2

What type of backing is best for artificial grass?

The majority of artificial grass on today’s market is made with a latex backing to give the grass more stability and ensure the material lasts longer.

However, more recently manufacturers have been producing luxury artificial grass with Polyurethane (PU) backing which is said to allow water to flow through easily thereby absorbing less moisture.

The benefit of PU backing is that pet urine drains away quicker and reduces the chances of a nasty, lingering odour. However, we still recommend applying high-grade Zeolite as it is proven to reduce the smell of pet waste.

It’s important to invest in luxury artificial grass that has a premium-grade backing. The quality of the backing determines how long your lawn will look fresh and healthy.

If the artificial grass sample does not have sufficient amounts of latex or Polyurethane, your lovely lawn will not survive more than three years or four years at most.

A quick examination of the backing will easily determine whether the artificial grass sample is of good quality or not. There should be two layers; primary and secondary backing.

The first layer, or “primary backing”, is generally made from polypropylene due to its UV-resistant properties. This is the layer to which the artificial fibres are attached.

The secondary layer is made from either latex or PU. This second layer is very important because it holds everything together. If the two layers are easily separated, the fake grass will not have sufficient rigidity and maintain an upright position for long.

The fibres on artificial grass samples with low-quality backing whither after several years and will not recover from foot traffic. You will be left with flat grass which may even become patchy.

Is artificial grass fire-proof?

Luxury artificial grass is not fire-proof but it is fire resistant. The fibres are made from flame-retardant synthetic materials that do not burn. However, artificial grass does melt if it comes into contact with fire or hot coals. We do not recommend fireworks, fire bowls and cooking barbecues on artificial grass. Cigarette burns will also damage the fibres.

How much maintaining does fake grass demand?

Artificial lawns are not “maintenance free” like some fake grass installation companies claim, but they do require far less maintenance than natural grass lawns. There is some artificial lawn cost for maintenance. There’s certainly no need for you to mow the lawn, sprinkle fertiliser or hose it with water. You can also get help from an artificial grass supplier London.


The only maintenance you will need is to remove dog mess and various pieces of non-biodegradable waste, or if debris like leaves and dead plants becomes unsightly - using a leaf blower or stiff brush is enough to remove any debris. Additionally, using the right artificial grass cleaner each year will keep your artificial grass fresh and remove any odours.

Is artificial grass safe for pets and children?

We’d like to say yes, but unfortunately, some of the artificial grass manufactured in China and other parts of Asia may contain harmful toxins and heavy metals.

Luxury artificial grass manufactured in Europe, on the other hand, is safe for pets and children. Manufacturing regulations and safety tests are much more stringent in the European Union than in Asia because the use of harmful substances are banned.  

We also recommend installing soft artificial grass made from polyethene (Polyethylene) or a blend of polypropylene and polyethene. Avoid fake grass made from nylon if you have pets or children as it’s more abrasive and causes burns.

How many years will an artificial grass installation London last?

A premium quality fake grass installation should last around 20-years depending on the type of artificial grass installation London and the amount you use it. 

Long artificial grass will not last as long as a short pile if you’re playing football on the lawn every day. Fake grass with thin, low-quality fibres will also wear much more quickly than fake grass installations manufactured with premium materials and high-quality standards.

The selection of luxury artificial grass we provide at My Lovely Lawn is manufactured from guaranteed high-quality materials and predominantly comes with a 10-year warranty.

Does artificial grass retain water?

No, artificial grass has a permeable backing which allows water to be syphoned off. Luxury artificial grass in London comes with holes as standards, but drainage also depends on the quality of the artificial grass suppliers. The depth of soil, preparation and drawing aggregate will all play a role in how quickly water is dispersed from your lawn.

What’s the best surface to lay for artificial grass installation near me?

Artificial lawn installation is versatile and can be laid on any surface that can be flattened. This includes lawns, patios, roof gardens, terraces, balconies, children’s play areas, around swimming pools & hot tubs, conservatories, exhibitions, shows, films sets and more!

Part of the service we offer at My Lovely Lawn is to flatten uneven terrain and remove obstacles such as tree stumps and roots.

Can I lay artificial grass myself?

If you consider yourself a dab hand at DIY and an artificial grass supplier, there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to install artificial grass by yourself. 

It’s worth bearing in mind that the quality of the artificial turf installation near me does have a knock-on effect on the longevity of the lawn. We, therefore, recommend using an home artificial grass company near you that has the relevant skills, knowledge and experience. 

If you want to install the astro turf yourself, make sure you lay the grass so that you are looking into the pile and consider irrigation otherwise you could be left with pools of water dotted around your lawn. This will degrade the fibres and your fake grass installation will have a shorter life expectancy.

Are fake lawns environmentally friendly?

Yes, artificial grass is classed as an eco-friendly asset because it does not need mowing, watering, weed killer or chemical fertilisers. You, therefore, don’t pollute the air and reduce your carbon footprint by using less electricity and water. 

New eco-friendly turf is fully recyclable at the end of its life as the whole product is made with the same plastic.

Does fake grass support a trampoline?

There’s no reason why you can’t install a trampoline on your artificial lawn grass if it has legs and rubber feet. Providing the metal spikes are not sharp, the legs will not damage artificial grass fibres and can be brushed back fairly easily. 

Other children’s playground equipment such as slides, swings, seesaws and goals posts is also okay. However, artificial grass company do not recommend anything flat and heavy or heavy such as a bouncy castle playhouse. 

If you do have a playhouse, or shed, in a fixed location, the best solution is to build the lawn around it. If you decide to remove the object at a later date, the gap can easily be filled in at far less expensive than it would cost to repair or replace long artificial grass.

What artificial turf should I buy?

That’s a difficult question to answer generically because it depends on various factors such as your budget and what you intend to use the artificial turf installation for.

We have provided details in our artificial grass descriptions that will help you choose the best artificial grass to buy for your needs. You are also welcome to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team who will be delighted to answer your questions and make recommendations. 

We send free grass samples to all our customers in London, Surrey and Kent. This gives you a chance to determine how the turf installation will look and feel. If you lay the artificial grass samples in the area you intend to install your lawn, you can also get a feel for how your turf installation will look throughout the course of the day.

Does the size and shape of my garden make a difference?

Not at all. Artificial grass is delivered in 2m & 4m width rolls but can be cut down to size as required. All we need to do is measure your garden and calculate the surface area to determine how many rolls of artificial grass you will need. Our experienced and friendly team even help you optimise the grass so that you get more value for money!

I don’t want an installation, just the grass. Is this something you offer?

Yes, of course! You are free to purchase any of our artificial grass products without any obligation to use our installation service. We have an excellent range of artificial lawns available for delivery nationwide so visit our shop now to browse our range of products. You can even order up to 4 free samples for your home to have a look and feel (postage is free!).

Which areas do My Lovely Lawn install artificial grass?

Are you looking for a local fake turf installation service near you? My Lovely Lawn is an artificial grass fitter servicing homes and commercial premises in London, Surrey and Hertfordshire. We are also prepared to venture further afield for customers that want a high-quality installation service and do not feel confident with local suppliers.

Have any curious questions? Get in touch with the My Lovely Lawn team today!

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