Artificial grass

Once thought of only as a pastime for green-thumbed pensioners, gar-dening has regained popularity over the last eighteen months.

The coronavirus pandemic reignited our country’s pride in outdoor spac-es. Fence paint shortages and posting pictures of your garden online with the hashtag #gardengoals became mainstays in British lifestyles.

Many people may be surprised by this, but an increasingly popular trend in crafting a beautiful garden is artificial turf.

Thanks to its realistic look, fake grass provide the same aesthetic quali-ties as real turf but do not require the same amount of time, effort and money to maintain your lovely lawn.

Moreover, modern artificial grass has come a long way from the shaggy, shamrock green carpet you may be picturing in your head right now. A good quality artificial lawn is indistinguishable from a natural lawn and of-fers a convenient space the whole family and your pets can enjoy.

In 2020, 87% of our customers said they preferred their artificial lawns over the natural grass lawn that had previously been fitted. This is hardly surprising if your garden looks like a quagmire.

However, despite the positive feedback and high-quality artificial grass that is available on today’s market, legacy myths surrounding fake grass persist and cause scepticism.

Let’s address some outdated myths about artificial turf, and uncover why this garden material is becoming a nationwide favourite.

Myth 1: Artificial grass is bad for the environment

For several reasons, using artificial grass is actually an environmentally friendly option to create a beautiful garden space. You don’t need chemi-cal pesticides and fertilisers to maintain your lawn which reduces levels of groundwater pollution and the likelihood of human interaction with harmful chemicals.

Artificial grass also does not require watering or mowing so you’ll cut down on the use of water and electricity. Although the savings won’t be massive, they will add up over the course of 10 years or more.

European standards for artificial grass help preserve the high environ-mental quality of these materials. The ban on heavy metals and plasticis-ers in the production

Myth 2: Artificial grass is not pet-friendly

Your furry friends can safely roam free in their artificial kingdom. European-made artificial turf is high-quality and safe for pets, as well as the rest of the family.

Before European safety regulations were instated, fake lawns posed safety risks to animals. Studies found that astroturf made from nylon fibres contained low levels of lead which potentially cause harm to pets as the turf becomes worn.

However, European safety regulations mean that modern artificial grass is manufactured for health and safety that avoid astroturf coming into contact with toxic properties.

Having said that, artificial lawns manufactured outside of Europe such as the cheap plastics used in China and other parts of Asia can still contain harmful materials.

With safety regulations in place, fake lawns make super convenient pet-friendly spaces. You don’t need to worry about them digging holes in your lawn or traipsing mud through the house either!

All My Lovely Lawn’s options are suited to pets, although Paw is the dedicated pet friendly artificial grass. Click here to find out more about Paw.

Myth 3: Artificial lawns have poor drainage

Don’t worry, your fake lawn won’t retain water if it is installed correctly. Artificial grass comes with a permeable backing that allows water to be syphoned off and drained away.

The speed at which your lawn will drain depends on how well it’s laid. This differs in accordance with the surface your lawn is laid upon, as well as your preparation and drawing aggregate.

Myth 4: Dog urine makes artificial grass smell bad

No one wants a waft of dog wee when they’re relaxing in the garden. Fortunately, high-quality astro turf is equipped to drain liquids, including dog urine, so that the lawn does not retain odour.

Additionally, you can lay your fake turf on top of ZeoLite if you are concerned about potential odours from dog urine. ZeoLite is a special substance often used alongside artificial grass. It boasts the remarkable ability of being able to eliminate odours from pet wee, by absorbing ammonia particles. After some rainfall, the ZeoLite is able to reset, allowing it to reabsorb even more ammonia.

For best results, we recommend using a layer directly underneath the artificial grass, as well as sprinkling some in amongst the yarn. You should use between 3-6 kg per square metre on top and 3-6 kg per square metre underneath.

Myth 5: Fake grass is expensive

Your gorgeous new lawn does not need to cost the earth. There are various price options available regardless of your budget range. Whilst premium quality turf is more expensive, My Lovely Lawn has a selection of reliable artificial grass that will suit most budgets.

What we will say is that quality should be your first priority. If you want to enjoy your artificial lawn for many years and keep your family safe from potential health hazards, steer away from low-quality, low-priced turf.

Poor quality astroturf is not as durable and will need replacing sooner, thus pulling on your purse strings. All our artificial grass comes with a 10-year warranty. Find out how to determine turf quality here.

Myth 6: Artificial turf isn’t safe for children

Just as luxury artificial turf is safe for pets, children can safely play on these lawns, too. However, the same cautions apply when selecting your artificial grass.

To ensure your artificial lawn meets European safety standards, you must purchase your lawn from a European manufacturer, as lawns made elsewhere in the world may still contain harmful toxins and heavy materials.

Artificial lawns made within Europe are toxin-free and safe for play. Plus, My Lovely Lawn specializes in play-safe lawns for schools and playgrounds and other commercial artificial grass installations, as well as your garden.

Myth 7: Artificial grass doesn’t look realistic

Gone are the days when every fake lawn resembled a 90’s school astro turf. Modern artificial lawns look just like natural grass, so you can benefit from that lush garden aesthetic without the hefty maintenance. Our creative solutions to garden lawns are visually engaging and practical for family life.

There are some tell-tale signs that can give away your fake lawn to prowling eyes, and it’s all in the instalment. You’ll want to make sure you have a completely flat surface on which to lay your artificial lawn, free of any lumps and bumps.

Whether you’re laying your lawn on top of decking, soil or concrete, you can find a whole host of installation articles elsewhere on our website that will help you achieve a flawless, natural-looking finish. Or, if you’d prefer, our team of experts can assist you in installing your lawn, too.

Myth 8: All artificial lawns look the same

While modern artificial grass is crafted to look just like natural grass, you can still select your preferred aesthetic. For example, My Lovely Lawn’s options can be filtered by colour, pile height and material, all differing slightly in appearance.

Myth 9: Artificial grass limits your landscaping options

Artificial grass can complement your landscaping when properly factored into your design plan. As long as your lawn is laid properly, you will reap the rewards of having a low-maintenance design feature that remains beautiful all year round arguably more convenient than real grass, that is tricky to keep looking in top condition all year-round.

Myth 10: Artificial grass requires excessive maintenance

Quite the contrary. Our luxury options are designed to look attractive for many years with very little maintenance. Unlike natural grass that needs to be watered, fertilised and mowed regularly, artificial grass needs the occasional brush.

If you have dogs, there is more to do. We recommend installing astro turf down with water every now and then to clean the fibres. There is certainly less work involved if your dog is partial to digging for gold.

In addition, the majority of our lovely lawns are made from a polyethylene blend which makes them more resilient than standard artificial options and provides better protection from UV light. They don’t fade after two years like cheap artificial grass from China.

Wrap Up

All in all, artificial grass offers a number of superior lifestyle choices and is far more convenient than natural grass. With realistic looking fibres, artificial lawns can be enjoyed in any home or business. Wouldn’t you agree?

The artificial grass supplied by My Lovely Lawn has been hand-picked for its premium quality in a variety of styles and colours. We feel we have a good selection of fake grass to choose from without the choice being overwhelming.

We take pride in delivering high-quality functional green space that enables you to create memories with the people you care about. To learn more about our products and decide which artificial lawn is a perfect fit for you, take a look at the selection of artificial grass in our shop.

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