5 Tips to Care For Artificial Grass

Contact usMy Lovely Lawn is the company to contact if you decide to grow artificial grass in London. Artificial grass in London has replaced natural grass for so many reasons. Homeowners who cannot grow or take care of natural grass opts for artificial grass installation in London. 

People say that artificial grass is maintenance-free, which is entirely not true. Although yes, artificial grass does not need the heavy maintenance as that of natural grass, some sort of maintenance is still required. Below, we have mentioned a few tips that you as the owner of the home, need to incorporate to keep the artificial grass in London last longer.

5 Tips to Care For Artificial Grass in London

  • Brush the artificial grass regularly

Studies suggest that you need to regularly brush the artificial turf to keep it in a good state. When regular brushing is practised, it keeps the fibres straight and upright which lengthens the life of the grass. If you want to enhance the natural look of your synthetic turf, contact us for artificial grass installation in London.

The frequency of brushing the grass solely depends on how often you use the synthetic grass. The best method to brush the turf is using a stiff broom with synthetic spikes. Please refrain from using metal or wire bristles brushes.

  • Always use the Right Materials

Artificial turf installation in London does not mean you do not require tools to keep your lawn fresh. Although less, you still need materials and tools to keep your lawn lush green. Some common items and tools you need at home all year round are;

  • Rake
  • Hose and
  • Leaf blower
  • Wash the Dirt Away

Sometimes organic matter like leaves and pollen falls on the grass and dries up there, which later becomes hard. When left for longer periods of time, these organic matter can grow weeds growth that will ultimately affect the drainage.

Regular brushing makes it impossible to remove this organic matter. When this happens, it is recommended to wash the dirt or debris using a hose. Watering seems like the safest choice here as using cleaning products at this point for artificial grass in London will only cause damage to your lawn. 

  • Prevent Burns

Do not at any time allow hot items like cigarettes to come in direct contact with your lawn. Remember, it can lead to fires and the melting of the grass. You are using synthetic grass which has different properties than natural grass. Where natural grass regrows itself, any damage done to the synthetic lawn can cost you a fortune and the repairs though performed can still show visible patches of damage.

  • Remove Stains from the Artificial Grass

My lovely lawn only delivers artificial turf that is resistant to stains. However, if the stain remains, the sooner you get rid of them the better it is. The method used to remove the stain depends on the severity. Stains from soft drinks like coffee, tea and juices can either be removed using water or detergent. 

Some Other Ways to Take Care of Your Artificial Lawn in London

  1. Using weed killers on yearly basis is important. There are special herbicides for artificial grass that prevents the growth of weeds or moss on your lawn. In case the weeds and moss do inhabit your turf, the vegetation, if any, can be easily removed.
  2. Whether we talk about natural grass or synthetic grass, dust and pollen can stay on the grass leading to respiratory infections like pollen allergies and in some cases, asthma. Although, rain can clear the pollens from the artificial grass if some debris remains use hoses to wash them away.
  3. If you have pets at home, they would love to spend more time on the lawn. When deciding to go for artificial turf installation in London, inform the company about pets. In our case, My lovely lawn offers synthetic grass that does not get damaged with animal waste and does not pick up the animal odour. There is a special type of in-fill used for turf when you have pets at home. You can also get your hands on a deodoriser cleaning solution for your artificial lawn in London from us.

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Conclusion for Artificial Grass Installation in London

No matter what others have to say, an artificial lawn is an investment as it improves the price of your property. It does have some downsides, like repairs and maintenance, but it is nothing like the maintenance of a natural lawn. You just need to follow some routine cleaning methods to remove stains and clear the debris away. But you do not need chemicals to keep the pests away. These harsh chemicals not only add to the air pollution but it is dangerous for families with small children and pets. 

If you want a beautiful lawn or backyard, consider getting an artificial lawn in London. The plus of living in London is the weather, as it does not get burning hot in summers, your synthetic lawn would be the ideal place to have mid-time snacks.

About My Lovely Lawn

My lovely lawn provides commercial artificial grass in London that is the replica of the natural grass. We provide various durable artificial grass installations in London that will bring out the best of your backyard or lawn. Our knowledgeable specialists are on hand to help you find the best dog friendly artificial grass that meets your preferences - and the needs of your pets. We only use top-notch products that are designed keeping the yarn tech in mind. 

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If you want to maximise the longevity of your synthetic turf, you need to put in a little more effort from your end. Yes, they are durable, and low maintenance only. Contact us now and we can guide you better. Discuss your needs and we are just a phone call away.

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