5 Tips to Carrying for Commercial Artificial Grass

No doubt, commercial artificial grass is high durability and low maintenance. But the thing is, you have to take some measures to ensure the maximum longevity of your artificial turf and have it looking at its best. Having to mow the grass every week might be a chore. If you have a trees on your property, it may become a tedious effort to rake the leaves into heaps and bag them so that your yard always appears clean and welcoming. 

Caring for your yard requires a significant amount of effort and continuous attention to make it seem well-kept. Maintaining and cleaning your commercial artificial grass is essential, though there is no need to be carried out every day. On the other hand, mother nature can wash and blow away any dirt on the surface on a rainy or windy day, so in this regard, the routine maintenance of your artificial turf is already covered.

You can easily maintain the commercial artificial grass of my lovely lawn and look great all year round. Here are some things you should do daily to maintain your artificial grass lawn as professional artificial grass fitters. A little upkeep will extend the life of your fake grass lawn and greatly improve its beauty.

1: Remove Debris

If you live in area susceptible to thunderstorms or windstorms, you may discover that your yard is covered with Debris. Pick up any leaves, sticks, or other things that have fallen into your grass lawn. You can avoid problems caused by sticks or trash sticking through your lawn by doing so.

You can clean the falling leaves, twigs, and other garden debris from the lawn surface. A leaf blower is great for this, but a brush or rake can suffice! If this Debris accumulates, your grass may become more prone to weeds. If trees or plants border your lawn, you may need to remove Debris daily.

Unlike natural weed grass, one cannot weed artificial grass with a fork or trowel. Instead, you have two options; 

  • The first is to focus solely on the cosmetics, removing the tops of weeds as they appear through the grass without addressing the source of the problem.
  • You might also use a moss or weed killer, but make sure it's a water-based treatment to prevent damaging the commercial artificial grass. Once the moss and weeds have died, you may brush them off or remove them by hand.

2: Brush the Turf

Brush the turf like the artificial grass fitters. Natural grass blades stand erect, and that's exactly how commercial artificial grass blades should stand too. Remember that even the most durable synthetic grass blades can bend over time, and the only way to maintain your lawn appearing natural is to brush it regularly.

To keep the blades aligned and upright, use a firm brush. Five inches long brush with synthetic bristles can be good for the grass. Don't try to use brush with metal bristles, as doing so might harm the grass. Remember to brush with just enough power; using less pressure will not affect the blades, while applying too much pressure will cause the grass to seem uneven.

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Tips on how you can use the brush for turf; 

  • When brushing your grass, be sure to brush it in a different direction to keep the turf pile springily and erect - think fluffy, not comb-over!
  • You need the best brush for the best job, and we at My Lovely Lawn suggest a stiff, natural–bristle brush which will be fine but effective on your commercial artificial grass. Brushing may appear to be an easy effort, but it will significantly impact the appearance and quality of your commercial artificial grass.

3: Obstinate Stain Removal

You can remove stains and markings easily with hot soapy water because an artificial grass lawn is durable. On the other hand, you can clean tougher oil marks easily with a cloth and mineral spirits. A dish falls to the ground during the party, or a pet will leave its mark somewhere in the yard. 

Tips to remove the obstinate stain; 

  • Try a dry absorbent such as kitty litter, blot up the spilled liquid.
  • Cleaning up a spill as soon as possible is the best method to guarantee that it does not leave a long-lasting, tenacious stain.
  • Rinse your yard with water and a mild home detergent combination.
  • Instead of using household detergent, use a 4 percent ammonia solution in water if you need a stronger stain remover.

Put, with commercial artificial grass, you don't have to take tension. In case of any spillage, you can remove most of the stains. While some you can remove easily, others may require hard work or hassle.

4: Remove the Waste of Animal

Cleaning up after pets is on fingertips. You can clean the dog waste with a bag or gloves and wash away any residue with the garden hose to remove any residue. If you're worried about residual bacteria, you can apply the antibacterial spray. Our artificial grass is completely porous, has good drainage, and dries quickly.

Tips for cleaning up pet waste is very simple; 

  • Remove the waste when it is dry.
  • Commercial artificial grass will drain the majority of fluids. To avoid a stink, spray cold water from a hose over pee areas if desired.


5: Maintain Your Commercial Artificial Lawn for Future

Every day wear and tear and accidents, artificial turf owners should take a few basic actions to ensure the quality and lifespan of their artificial grass. Commercial artificial grass may last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, depending on the use. Following a pattern of removing the grass from waste, washing regularly, and cross brushing can assist artificial grass in last a long time.

Commercial artificial grass may last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, depending on the use. Following a pattern of removing the grass from waste, washing regularly, and cross brushing can assist artificial grass in last a long time.

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Final Thoughts:

Using the latest techniques and technologies, we at My Lovely Lawn are able to deliver exceptional results for both home and commercial clients.

My Lovely Lawn is not just about installing artificial lawns. Our brand is built on a tradition of caring for people and encouraging homeowners in London and Surrey to adopt healthy lifestyles and enjoy spending time in your garden.

We are driven by a passion to exceed customer expectations and consistently deliver client satisfaction. It is not only our mission to provide the best artificial grass solutions to suit your lifestyle but to help you develop a new lifestyle that brings you hours of fun, joy, and happy memories.

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