Velvet Lawns Sooth The Senses and Ease the Burden

My Lovely Lawn design, supply and offers high-quality home artificial turf installation in London and Surrey. Aesthetically pleasing lawns enhance the look and feel of your garden, provide a safe and healthy space the whole family can enjoy, and create a perfect setting to ramp up the fun all year round!

The Beauty of Artificial Lawns

Dirt-free lawn

Eliminate mowing

Safe for children


10-Year warranty

Asthetically pleasing

No water waste

Safe for pets

No bald spots


Low Maintenance Grass You’ve Always Dreamt Of

Gardens are meant to be fun and relaxing! So why is mowing the lawn, pruning weeds and planting seeds such a chore?

The reality is that real-grass lawns are painstakingly difficult to maintain so gardens quickly lose their dreamy appeal. You can’t leave the grass to grow wild because it looks unsightly and when you cut it somebody will suffer from hay fever - even if it’s only a passerby.

Child-Safe Grass That Suits Your Lifestyle

Traditional garden materials such as seeded grass, mulch, gravel or sand do not provide children with sufficient and consistent safety protection. These type of surfaces lose their neatness as time goes by and eroded areas leave unsightly brown patches and sun-damaged spots.

Britain’s notoriously wet weather means that traces of your garden also get trampled into your house. How many times do you have to mop up muddy footprints and paw prints?

In addition, artificial grass has a superior drainage system that eliminates boggy patches and the build-up of mud that gathers on patios and paving slabs. A synthetic lawn cannot be spoiled by your kids or pets playing on it.

You can even be away from home for long periods and your lawn will look as good as new when you return. Artificial lawns are not affected by heat, water or wear and tear. They simply remain pristine and satisfyingly pleasant.

Artificial Grass Installer - Premium Class!

The artificial grass available on today’s market is soft, lush and strikingly real looking. Manufactured with high-quality materials, artificial lawns provide a smooth, non-abrasive, safe, and consistent playing surface that will not leave boisterous children with burn marks, grazes or bruises.

Not only that, but My Lovely Lawn supply durable, premium-quality lawns manufactured by reputable firms in Europe - not the low-quality artificial grass shipped from China that fades after two years. For your peace of mind, our 10-year warranty backs up our service delivery promise.

Delivering first-class customer services to match our premium products is also important to us. Our skilled and friendly home artificial grass installers are a polite, professional and a pleasure to be around whilst our knowledgable artificial lawn specialists have a gift for delivering solutions that cater to your budget and specifications.

  • Free grass samples delivered to your home
  • Fully insured company for public liability and employees
  • Free and convenient online quote
  • Professional and honest advice
  • Invoice supplied - not cash in hand
  • Expert advice you can trust

Home & Domestic Artificial Grass Installation FAQ

How long will the installation process take?

The length of time it takes to install an artificial lawn is determined by the size of the area the grass installation will cover and how much prep work is required beforehand. 

If we need to clear parts of your existing garden away, such as removing rubble, tree stumps and replacing a couple of meters of soil, the installation process will take several days longer than an area that is already relatively flat and clear of any obstacles. 

Installation could be as little as a day for a small, uncomplicated garden and a few days to weeks for comprehensive installations that require a lot of groundwork.

We will be able to give you a time estimate after examining the site and understanding your final goals. A consultation with one of our friendly and knowledgeable home artificial grass installer will tell you everything you need to know.

What is artificial grass made of?

Artificial turf is manufactured using a compound of recycled polymers (plastics), typically polypropylene, polythene and nylon.  

The majority of fake lawns in our selection are a polythene and polypropylene blend. This means the fibres are more soft and flexible yet durable. 

Although nylon is a stronger fibre and naturally hard-wearing, it’s also more abrasive. If you have pets and children, nylon is not a good option. Soft fibres woven from polythene and polypropylene are far better for home installations - especially if you're planning a children’s play area or have pets. 

How can I be assured artificial grass is high-quality?

There are several ways to determine whether artificial grass samples are high-quality. Firstly, check where the products are sourced from. If the fake grass is manufactured in Europe, there is a good chance the quality will be good. If the product is made in China or other parts of Asia, high quality standards are not guaranteed. Fibres used by Asian manufacturers can fade after a couple of years.

The second thing to look out for is the price. Low-cost artificial grass is low-quality artificial grass. Simple as that. A premium-quality lawn will survive for 20 years or more. 

The final check is a hand-eye test when you receive the grass sample. Artificial turf grass is made with two layers of backing. The primary layer has the grass fibres stitched into it. The secondary layer serves as a base-weight and ensures the product holds together for a long-time. 

The two layers are held together with an adhesive; either Latex or Polyurethane. If you can peel the two layers apart, it means there is an insufficient amount of adhesive and your lawn will look limp and withered within a couple of years. 

What is the best backing for artificial grass?

The backing used to manufacture artificial grass is either Latex or Polyurethane. Latex is more stable and hardwearing, but Polyurethane has better water through flow and is said to be a better option for pet owners. 

My Lovely Lawn is not convinced Polyurethane disguises the smell of pet urine. It may be slightly better than Latex but the difference is not that significant. 

If you have pets, we highly recommend adding zeolite as an infill. Zeolite absorbs ammonia - the foul odour in urine - and therefore dispels the smell of pet pee.

As mentioned above, premium-grade backing is essential to the life span of the lawn. A strong adhesive, manufactured to high-quality standards is essential to the look and durability of your lawn. 

Is artificial grass fireproof?

All artificial grass sold in the UK has to be fire-resistant by law. Check with the vendor to ensure the products conform to British Standard (ISO) certifications.

Although artificial grass is flame retardant, we do not recommend placing any direct heat sources on the surface. The plastic fibres will not catch fire but they will melt and could make your lovely lawn less pleasant to look at.

How much maintenance does artificial grass require?

Very little, all told. There’s no mowing, no seeding or weeding and very little or no watering. If you have pets we recommend hosing the lawn down every so often to remove pee and poop residue.

Is artificial grass safe for pets and children?

The artificial grass we offer at My Lovely Lawn is safe for pets and children, yes, but we can’t say that about all fake grass installations. 

We understand that some fake grass products may contain heavy metals and other toxic substances that could be harmful to pets and children. This was certainly the case over a decade ago.

However, European manufacturers are bound by stringent safety procedures which disqualify certain materials from being used. So we are assured that artificial grass made in Europe does not present any health risks.

We cannot categorically say the same for artificial grass made in other parts of the world. Reports reveal that some manufacturers use discarded car tyres to make grass fibres which could mean that metals such as lead and other debris picked up from the road could be present in astroturf. 

To be on the safe side, only purchase artificial grass installations that have been manufactured in Europe.

What is the best type of fake grass installation for children?

That really depends on how you intend to use your lawn, but we would certainly recommend fake grass that is soft. Products with a higher concentrate of polythene of the softest artificial lawn whilst polypropylene give the fibres robustness and durability.

If you expect the family to play on the lawn fairly often, select a grass installation that has a high density. This is the number of stitches per sq.m. Shorter fibres - less than 30mm - are also ideal for football and chipping golf balls - although not putting. You will need a putting green for that. 

The easiest way to identify your ideal lawn is to give us a call and speak with one of our friendly advisors. We will be able to answer all your questions, offer guidance and narrow down your selection. We also send out fake grass samples to customers in London, Surrey, Hertfordshire and the rest of the U.K so you can assess how artificial grass looks and feels. 

How many years will an artificial grass installation last?

This depends on how you treat it, the quality of the grass fibres and the skill level of your home artificial grass installer. You should expect a high-quality artificial grass installation to last 20 years plus under normal conditions.

Playing football on a short pile will last a shorter period, casual laying and relaxing on a long pile will last far longer. 

You should also clear away any debris that could damage the fibres. Brush it back with a stiff brush once a month and your home artificial turf installation will last far longer.

Does artificial grass retain water?

High-quality grass installations enable water to drain away fairly quickly. The backings are permeable to allow liquid to flow down, and providing your home artificial grass installer has designed a suitable irrigation system, your lawn with not retain water.

For example, if the grass installation covers an impermeable surface, such as concrete, it will probably create puddles unless a drain-away channel has been installed. Our skilled artificial grass suppliers are landscape gardeners and know how to create effective irrigation systems for all types of surfaces.

What is the best surface on which to lay artificial grass?

You can install artificial turf grass on any type of surface; soil, concrete yards, roofs, balconies and basements. It is the preparation of the surface that matters.

Aggregates and fillers may be required to deliver optimal results. Our expert artificial grass installer will give you a full rundown of what we will need to do to get the best results. Don’t worry, we have solutions for every type of artificial grass installation.

Can I lay artificial grass myself?

Yes, you can. There are, of course, caveats. Home Artificial turf installation is not as easy as they look. You need to know how to prepare the surface, how to create an irrigation system and how to seamlessly stitch the grass patches together. 

We will, of course, offer you some guidance, but we do recommend that you use a specialist home artificial grass installer. 

Are artificial lawns environmentally friendly?

Artificial lawns do not need mowing, fertilising or weedkiller so are considered environmentally friendly because they lower your carbon footprint.

Fake artificial grass fitters is also manufactured from recycled plastics to lend a helping hand towards the world’s carbon-free goals. 

Does artificial grass support a trampoline?

You can use trampolines on home artificial turf installations if the legs have rubber feet rather than spikes.

We don’t recommend installing a trampoline that requires to be secured by digging into the astroturf, or anything with a large surface area such as bouncy castles as they will flatten the fibres. And artificial lawns will far outlive any interest your kids have in trampolines and bouncy castles.

What artificial turf installation is best for my home?

That all depends on how you intend to use it. If you want a landscape garden, an ornamental astroturf will complement the aesthetics of your garden. Families with children will be better suited to a soft artificial grass that is hardwearing. 

The product descriptions on the Shop page list the features and provide you with insights that help you select the right lawn for you. If you want to know more about which features best suit your purpose, you will also find detailed explanations below the product images on the Shop page; pile height, pile density, colour etc.

If you would like some guidance, do not hesitate to call and speak with one of our experts. We’re here to help and happy to offer advice. 

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