Durable, Low-Maintenance And Pet-Safe Artificial Lawns

Gardens are ideal for families with pets but natural grass lawns create more problems than they provide solutions. Today’s artificial lawns are made from high-quality materials that are pet-safe, drain water quickly and undiggable. My Lovely Lawn design, supply and install artificial lawns to help you develop your dream garden without the hassle and frustration of having to clean pet paw dirt off your floors and furniture.

Artificial Lawn Solutions

Dirt-free lawn

Eliminate mowing

Safe for children


10-Year warranty

Asthetically pleasing

No water waste

Safe for pets

No bald spots


Is Artificial Grass Pet-Friendly?

The artificial lawns manufactured today are high-quality, pet-friendly and safe for your children to play on. However, that has not always been the case.

Studies found that artificial turf made from nylon or nylon/polyethylene fibres contained low levels of lead which breaks down to dust as fibre in artificial lawns became worn.  

Lead particles present a health hazard to pets - especially if they enjoy playing ball, investigated smells or consuming food that comes into contact with artificial grass.  Since 2008, artificial turf manufacturers in the UK and Europe were legally obliged to enter agreements that ensure the materials used to make synthetic turf do not pose health concerns to pets or your family. 

Providing you work with an ethical, reputable installation company that has a deep knowledge of the artificial grass market, you can rest assured the artificial grass you install in your garden or place of business does not expose pets or wildlife to harmful substances.

Premium Products and Excellent Customer Service

We feel it’s important for you to have the freedom of choice to select the look and texture you prefer for your lawn. Our knowledgeable specialists are on hand to help you find the best dog friendly artificial grass that meets your preferences - and the needs of your pets.

Artificial lawns are not just about aesthetics. The designs and materials have to serve a function that solves your current problem. Common issues among pet owners are dirty paws marks trampled through the house, holes in the lawn, boggy patches where the water has gathered, or hard surfaces and gravel which can cause cuts in pet paws.

Installing dog friendly artificial grass resolves all these problems. Synthetic fibres are mud-free and drain water at a rate of 90-inches per hour. The soft, non-abrasive surfaces provide a safe playing area and durable synthetic fibres can withstand even the most boisterous animals.

Our pet-friendly system also includes an optional pet-friendly odour control. Hygiene maintenance keeps your artificial lawn looking fresh and clean, and helps to prevent a build-up of odour.

We Care Because You Care

Providing personal experience and customer satisfaction is important to us. From the moment you reach out and make contact, our dedicated team work with you to help you realise your dream garden. 

For your convenience, My Lovely Lawn supply and install artificial turf. This means you don’t have to deal with more than one company which can be stressful and time-consuming. It also avoids the companies you deal with avoiding responsibility by blaming their counterpart. We supply high-quality materials which are installed by experts so we are confident you will not have any complaints - but if you did, rest assured we would resolve any problems immediately.

Our specialists and grass fitters are also experts in landscaping and hardscaping so we are able to deliver a range of additional services (Landscaping Services) in order to achieve your vision. With all artificial grass installations, we provide levelling, garden clearance, patio installation, weed, tree, and stump removal, edging, and much more.

We also provide flexible solutions to meet your budget and our experts are always on hand to answer your questions from the first moment of contact to the date of completion - and beyond. Installation is usually completed in a single day and we provide an after-sales service to ensure you are fully satisfied with your artificial lawn installation.

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Installation FAQ

Which is the best artificial grass for pets?

From our selection of pet friendly artificial grass, Paw is arguably the best option because it has been specifically engineered with pets in mind. 

Having said that, any soft artificial grass is good for pets. All of our fake lawns are manufactured with a blend of polythene and polypropylene for this purpose. 

Artificial grass for dogs is an ideal option for dog owners - especially if your hound has a habit of digging holes in your back yard. Pet friendly artificial grass also prevents your furry friends from paddling mud into your house and dirtying your carpet.

Synthetic fibres are resilient and do not suffer from wear and tear caused by claws. As a result, many professional dog owners use fake grass to pad kennels.

Artificial grass also drains moisture quickly. However, pet urine can emit a foul odour if it is left to accumulate. Manufacturers claim a polyurethane backing rather than latex is the best artificial grass for pets but there isn’t a great deal of difference. 

Regardless of the backing or the artificial grass you choose, we strongly recommend pet owners to invest in a zeolite infill. This natural substance has a molecular compound that absorbs ammonia - the substance in urine that causes nasty smells. 

Are toxins used to make artificial grass?

Dog friendly artificial grass that has been manufactured in Europe does not contain any toxic chemicals or heavy metals. By law, substances that are considered harmful are not permitted. 

Prior to 2009, lead and other toxins were found in artificial grass. Following a tightening of the regulations, artificial grass manufactured in Europe does not contain any substances that might be harmful to pets or children.

That may not mean that all fake grass is toxin-free. According to reports, artificial grass made in Asia and the United States is manufactured from rubber tires that could contain lead and other toxins. 

There is some debate about whether the warnings have any substantiation or not. Either way, My Lovely Lawn is not taking any risks and only source artificial grass that has been manufactured in the EU where we know safety standards are stringent. 

If you want assurances that the artificial grass you install in your garden is pet-friendly, play it safe by investing in synthetic turf that has been manufactured in Europe. 

What material is artificial grass for pets made from?

Artificial grass for pets is generally made from a blend of polythene and polypropylene. These types of fibres are softer and less coarse than nylon so are kinder to animal paws and won’t cause any cuts if your boisterous dog is furiously rolling around in the grass. 

Is fake grass for pets easy to clean?

Artificial lawns are made from synthetic fibres and are easy to clean. You will scoop up poop with a hand shovel in most cases. Other times you may need a hose. 

It’s also worth throwing some soapy water across your lawn every six months or so and giving it a good hose down to keep it looking nice and fresh. A hose will also clean up dust and dirt.

What is the best artificial grass for dogs?

Manufacturers use Polyurethane (PU) backing for dog friendly artificial grass. It is claimed that PU allows moisture and water to flow through more easily than latex.

The benefit of moisture draining away quicker is that it reduces nasty odours. We still recommend that you wash the lawn down with a hose at least once a month. 

You should also apply high-grade Zeolite as it is proven to reduce the smell of pet waste. Zeolite is a 100% natural resource and has a molecular structure that absorbs ammonia - the gas that creates the smell associated with stale urine. 

Zeolite is used as an infill and spread around the fibres of the astroturf. It helps to support the blades of grass so they stand up and creates a protective layer to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the synthetic backing. 

How do I know if the pet friendly artificial grass is of good quality?

The majority of artificial lawns on today’s market are exceptionally well-manufactured - particularly the designs made in Europe. You will still find cheap artificial grass samples on the internet priced at less than £12.50 per square metre. 

Low prices generally reflect low-quality material and manufacturing standards. There is a lot of low-quality astroturf being imported from China that should definitely be avoided if you have pets and small children. Safety regulations and quality standards are not as high as they are in Europe, so it’s difficult to know what type of quality you will get. 

We have heard stories of cheap artificial grass from China wearing thin after two or three years. You should expect pet friendly artificial grass made from high-quality materials to last around 20 years. 

We can’t stress enough how important it is to buy a high-quality lawn if you want to get value for money. The easiest way to determine the quality of astroturf fibres is the backing. 

All artificial grass has two layers; a primary layer and a secondary layer. The primary layer has the grass fibres attached to it and helps to protect the base layer from UV rays so the material doesn’t degrade. 

The secondary layer is the most important. This layer holds everything together and plays a key role in the appearance and longevity of your lawn. 

If the two layers are easily separated, the astro fibres will not have sufficient rigidity and maintain an upright position for long. Your lawn will look flat and limp after a couple of years and mass ripples will appear in the grass.  

Cheap artificial grass from China has also been found to fade in colour and does not drain water efficiently. As a result, your lawn gathers pools of water after a heavy shower.

We recommend purchasing artificial grass that has been imported from Europe. The materials used by European manufacturers are premium quality and the manufacturing techniques deliver high-performance fibres.

Does dog urine damage fake grass?

No, unlike natural artificial grass London, astroturf fibres do not wither and die when pets spray on them. The absorption features of dog friendly artificial grass also help to prevent moisture from damaging the fibres although you should hose down the lawn to prevent a build of urine odour. 

Is artificial grass fire-proof?

Artificial grass is fire-resistant so it won’t burn when exposed to hot materials such as BBQ coals, cigarettes and fireworks. However, the synthetic fibres melt when exposed to extreme heat.

How many years will an artificial grass installation last?

High-quality artificial grass installation should last around 20-years depending on the pile height and density and the amount of time you spend playing on it. 

Artificial grass with longer pile height and lower density will not last as long as a short pile if you’re playing football on the lawn every day. Fake grass with thin, low-quality fibres will have less recovery power than fake grass installations manufactured with premium materials and high-quality standards.

The selection of luxury artificial grass we provide at My Lovely Lawn is high-quality and predominantly come with a 10-year warranty. 

What’s the best type of surface to lay pet friendly artificial grass?

Artificial grass for pets can be laid on any surface that can be flattened. That includes dirt, concrete and sand. The service we provide at My Lovely Lawn includes flattening and levelling uneven terrain. We also remove tree stumps and roots so avoid ridges appearing on your lawn.

Can I lay dog friendly artificial grass myself?

For the best results, your synthetic lawn should be installed by experts. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot or shouldn’t install your own lawn if you are skilled at DIY and know the techniques for laying artificial grass fitters

Bear in mind, that unless fake grass is installed correctly, it can affect the durability of the fibres. Difficulties arise if the surface is not prepared correctly and you need knowledge and experience of drainage to avoid water pools. 

Hiding seams can also be tricky and is a skill that needs developing, so if you don’t have experience of stitching seams together it will be noticeable. 

Are fake lawns in London environmentally-friendly?

Yes, artificial grass sold in London is manufactured from eco-friendly fibres that do not need mowing, watering, weed killer or chemical fertilisers so their pollutants are not required. You also use less electricity and water than you do to maintain a natural grass lawn which reduces your carbon footprint. 

The latest eco-friendly grass for pets is also fully recyclable once the fibres wear down. Manufacturers in Europe have started making fake turf from a single plastic which makes it easier to dispose of when you want to replace your lawn.

Which artificial grass should I buy if I have a pet?

The obvious choice for pet owners is to purchase artificial grass that has been purposefully designed for pets. In our selection, Paw is the best artificial grass for dogs. 

However, any soft artificial grass is suitable for pets providing you use an infill such as zeolite. There are also other options such as crumb rubber, sand, or silica granules. 

In our experience, Zeolite is the best infill because it absorbs ammonia and reduces the odour in pet urine. A short pile height is also easier to remove excrement and clean off the residue. 

Do fleas and ticks live in artificial grass?

Fleas and ticks generally need soil and an accumulation of debris such as leaves to support their habitat. Whilst it is not possible to guarantee artificial grass for pets will be 100% flea-free, there is less chance of parasites surviving and breeding in synthetic fibres. If you keep your lawn clear of fallen leaves, you greatly reduce the threat of ticks and fleas.

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