Long-Lasting Artificial Grass Sports Surfaces

Synthetic sports surfaces are ideal for creating multi-purpose sports surfaces. My Lovely Lawn offers a premium-quality range of durable and smooth artificial grass surfaces which are ideal for multiple sports activities and are built to last. Our fake grass installations offer real value for money.

Artificial Grass Benefits

Easy to clean

Low maintenance

Accredited for sports

No water waste

10-Year warranty

Asthetically pleasing

Tailored budgets

All year round

Multi-sport options


Comprehensive Artificial Grass Solutions for Sports Surfaces in London

A high-quality, low-maintenance playing surface can prove to be a lucrative investment for a commercial sports centre or professional sports club. Synthetic turf is robust, long-lasting and as aesthetically pleasing as natural grass.

Artificial grass provides the perfect playing surface for numerous indoor and outdoor sports activities including football, rugby, hockey, tennis, cricket and athletics. With over a decade of experience fitting all types of artificial grass sports surfaces in London, you can rely on the creative team at My Lovely Lawn to install a playing surface in accordance with your budget.

• High-quality, low-maintenance astroturf
• Retains its pristine condition for longer than natural grass
• Comprehensive and convenience service
• Exceptional customer service

Not only that, but My Lovely Lawn appreciates you have plenty of other duties to attend to at your sports facility. We want to help make your installation project as straightforward as possible and provide a comprehensive service which includes the design, supply and installation of artificial grass.

The benefits of working with one company to handle a sports surface installation is time-saving and convenience. It’s far easier to plan, communicate and manage a project of this size when you’re working with one company rather than two. You only need to have the same conversation once - which saves a significant amount of time to fulfil your other roles without being overburdened.

Artificial Grass Sports Surface Installations vs. Natural Grass

Artificial sports surfaces have grown in popularity with sports centres throughout the UK. Although the initial expense of installing astroturf costs more than natural grass, the ongoing costs are far less and save money over time.

One of the key advantages of artificial turf is that it’s low-maintenance. Regardless of whether you install a sports surface indoors or outdoors, fake grass does not need any near as much attention as real grass.

Natural grass is susceptible to dips and troughs that collect rainwater and create boggy patches on your pitch. In some parts of the year, that can leave your pitch unplayable and have a negative impact on your earnings potential.

• Artificial grass costs less to maintain
• Avoid mud patches and water pools that render the pitch unplayable
• Create custom artificial grass lines that are permanent vs. standard sprayed on lines
• Effective irrigation system

Synthetic sports surfaces, on the other hand, are installed with an effective draining system. Whilst persistent heavy rainfall may collect water, fake grass installation drain the water away quicker than natural grass and are less likely to collect water pools. There certainly won’t be any boggy areas or unsightly mud patches where the grass has completely warn away.


Why Work With My Lovely Lawn?

My Lovely Lawn is a specialist grass fitter. With over a decade of experience installing a wide range of artificial grass in London, Surrey and Hertfordshire, our talented team of professionals have a proven history of delivering premium-quality sports surface artificial grass installations.

Our friendly team also deliver high-quality customer service. Not only do we provide a comprehensive service to make it easier for you to organise and manage your sports surface installation project, but we also are highly communicative and on hand to provide advice and answer all your questions.

Furthermore, the astroturf we supply is of the highest quality and has passed stringent health and safety regulations set by European regulators. We only supply premium quality synthetic grass which has been given the stamp of approval by health authorities.

Sports Surface Artificial Grass Installation FAQ

What type of artificial grass is best for sports surfaces?

Artificial grass with a short pile height and high pile density work best for sport surfaces. Ball games are more enjoyable on smooth, even surfaces with little friction and the short length of artificial grass provides the perfect playing surface.

High-density turfs are more hardwearing so they last longer - which ultimately delivers more value for money over the long term. Even with heavy foot traffic, you should expect a premium quality astroturf to last at least 10 years as a sports surface in a commercial centre.

If you’re undecided about which artificial grass is best for your sports surface, feel free to get in touch with one of our sales advisors. We are happy to answer all of your questions and help guide you to a decision that works best for you.

How long will the installation process take?

We typically aim to complete sports surface artificial grass installations in 3 to 5 days. However, the length of time really depends on how much preparation work is required and the size of the area that needs covering.

Timescales are quite often determined by the extent of groundwork and the weather. Needless to say, the unpredictable UK weather can delay the installation process, particularly during winter periods that are prone to bouts of persistent rainfall and snow.

If the area where you intend to install a playing pitch requires clearing of rubble, tree stumps or bushes etc, preparing the foundations will take longer and thus increase the cost of the installation.

What’s the best time of year to install an astroturf putting green?

Theoretically, you can install artificial grass for sports any time of the year. However, May to September is typically more weather-friendly in the UK as there is less chance of rain or strong winds interrupting the installation process.

The time of year may also depend on your schedule. If you’re the owner of an enterprise that is already receiving visitors and employees, you will naturally want to minimise the amount of disruption to the general running of your business.

We can discuss the most suitable time to install your artificial grass sports surface. When you contact us, mention this to our friendly and knowledgeable sales team. We always look to be as flexible as possible and work around your schedule. We’re also happy to take bookings months in advance so we can visit at a time of year that is most convenient for you.

What material is artificial grass made from?

Premium-quality artificial grass is made from recycled polymers (plastics), typically polypropylene, polyethene and nylon (polyamide). The best turf for sports surfaces is a blend of polyethene and polypropylene because it’s soft and durable. Nylon is hardwearing but its abrasive nature is more likely to cause skin damage which is not good for your customers or your commercial business.

know if the artificial grass sample is of good quality?

Artificial grass fitters send samples of their turf to customers. This gives you the opportunity to assess the quality and colour before confirming your order. However, if you are not familiar with artificial grass, it’s difficult to know whether the product will deliver the high-quality results the company promises.

Fortunately, there are several ways to determine the quality of astroturf that is most suitable for sports surfaces.

First of all, establish where the product is manufactured. There is a lot of low-quality artificial grass in London manufactured in China, the USA and other parts of the world where the manufacturing and safety protocols are questionable. That may not mean that every artificial grass product from other parts of the world is poor, but it’s not worth taking the risk.

The best quality astroturf is manufactured in Europe. The regulations in the EU are stringent which means European companies are obligated by law to use superior materials and techniques that ensure artificial grass products are safe to use for the general public.

The technologies used in Europe are also more advanced which means the fibres are more durable. C-shaped and S-shaped fibres not only last significantly longer than low-quality artificial grass. Premium-quality astroturf ensures you get more long-term value from your investment.

In contrast, low-quality astroturf loses its latency after a few years and the colour fades when exposed to natural sunlight. Furthermore, there have been reports that artificial grass manufacturers outside of Europe use recycled car tyres which may contain toxins and heavy metals such as lead. Again, this will not be good for business.

Another clue to look for is the price. Low prices indicate low quality. So do your research and compare the prices of grass fitters near you - and from around the country. You will soon be able to narrow down your list of artificial grass fitters you know will deliver premium-quality materials.

Of course, you can’t trust everything you read on the internet - but there is an important physical test you can perform to ensure you are getting the premium-quality artificial grass you are promised.

Fake turf is manufactured with two backings. Grass fibres are stitched into the primary layer and reinforced by a second layer that provides the grass fibres with stability.

In order for the grass fibres to stay upright and fulfil their life expectancy of more than a decade, the lower layer requires an adequate amount of latex otherwise the fibres will be limp within a few years.

To determine if the backing has a sufficient amount of latex, try to peel the two layers apart. A high-quality sample of artificial grass will have a strong latency that makes it impossible to tear. Low-quality grass, on the other hand, can be separated.

When you install a golf putting green with artificial turf, you want it to be fit for purpose and stand the test of time. The only way to get real value for money is to invest in premium-quality astroturf.

Is astroturf fire-proof?

Artificial grass is fire retardant but not fireproof. This ensures the grass installation will not burst into flames when exposed to fire or heat. However, the plastic fibres will melt when they come into contact with fire. We don’t recommend setting off fireworks, cooking barbecues or flicking cigarette ash on artificial grass as it damages the fibres.

How long does artificial grass survive?

High-quality artificial grass installations that are used for sports surfaces will typically last at least 20 years - but if you take good care of it, artificial grass can last longer.

The life expectancy of premium-quality artificial grass basically comes down to how much you use it and how you use it in relation to the stitch density and pile height. High-density piles are more hardwearing so will last longer.

The artificial turf we provide at My Lovely Lawn is all high-quality and predominantly comes with a 10-year warranty.

Does artificial grass need any maintenance?

One of the advantages artificial grass offers you over natural grass is low maintenance. Compared to natural grass which requires mowing, sowing and fertiliser, artificial grass requires very little upkeep.

We recommend hosing the grass down with water every now and then to prevent a build-up of dust. If your sports surface is outdoors, you will probably need to sweep away the debris with a soft-bristled brush.

How much do sports surface artificial grass installations in London cost?

The cost of installing an artificial grass sports surface depends on the size of the playing field, the type of artificial grass you choose and how much groundwork is required to clear the way for the installation to be completed.

For example, if rubble, tree stumps and bushes need removing beforehand, the preparation period will take longer and, therefore, more expensive than a simple levelling of the foundation.

Can I install artificial grass myself to cut down on fitting costs?

There is nothing to prevent you from laying artificial grass yourself. We’re happy to supply artificial grass without any obligation to utilise our installation service. However, we do recommend using experienced grass-fitting specialists to install the astroturf.

The reason we say that is that the quality and longevity of an artificial grass installation are largely determined by the foundations. The underlie is even more important when you are installing a sports surface that needs to be flat, smooth and even.

Unless the groundwork is carried out correctly, you risk creating dips and bumps that will ruin the playing surface and the enjoyment of your patrons. It is important to install an effective irrigation system and to ensure the mats are stitched together seamlessly. Sports surface artificial grass installations require specialist tools, knowledge and experience - so we recommend taking advantage of experienced specialists.

Is artificial grass environmentally friendly?

High-quality artificial grass is classed as an eco-friendly asset because it does not need mowing, watering, weed killer or fertiliser. You, therefore, don’t pollute the air and reduce your carbon footprint by using less electricity and water.

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