Different Types of Artificial Grass for Your Yard
Artificial grass is slowly and steadily replacing natural grass, and it is especially true in countries with hotter climates. There are different types of artificial grass available in the market, but whatever type you go for, all of them eliminate the need of constant maintenance and paying off money for fertilisers and fertilisers. 

Some of the types of artificial grass are made of pet-friendly turf and are ideal for homeowners who love to stay around animals.

My Lovely Lawn is a professional artificial grass fitter in London. As mentioned, different materials are used for different types of artificial grass.



Following Three Materials for Artificial Grass Fittings;

  • Nylon

Nylon artificial grass is frequently used as a supplemental thatch to help other fake grass products maintain their stability. This means that it will provide artificial grass made of polyethylene and polypropylene with a lot of structure and strength. It will be combined with other synthetic lawns to produce a final product that is pleasant, strong, and attractive, combining the advantages of each variety.

Types of Artificial Grass

Artificial turf has the highest strength on the market. Nylon artificial grass can withstand high temperatures and heavyweight without becoming matted or losing its shape, which  makes nylon grass a perfect choice for a variety of applications because you won’t have to worry about unintentionally crushing it or your grass being damaged by the sun.

Unfortunately, because nylon is expensive and the stiffness of the pile it is rarely used in backyards or landscaping. It works well as a putting green, and many homeowners opt for nylon among the other types of artificial grass in their homes if they want to improve their putting skills.

The nylon lawn does not feel natural because of the texture and rigidity of the pile, but it looks wonderful and lasts a long time when properly installed. This is the most expensive sort of fake grass installation, but it provides a high return on investment because it lasts so long. It’s best for locations where you won’t be playing because it’s not the most comfortable fake grass option, but it’ll look fantastic for a long period with little maintenance.

  • Polyethylene

The majority of homeowners who want to put artificial grass in their houses choose polyethene materials. This artificial grass among the other types of turf does not only look great with its vibrant green colours and varied textures, but it is much softer and has a more natural look when compared to nylon.  It’s commonly used for landscaping and sports grounds including soccer, football, and baseball.



When combined with a nylon secondary thatch, polyethylene will resist a lot of wear and tear without seeming ragged or worn out. Polyethylene artificial grass does not keep smells as compared to nylon artificial grass, which does since it is not permeable. This makes it excellent for people or families with pet who don’t want to be concerned about their yards smelling when their pets go outside. Furthermore, any waste will readily wipe down between the blades of artificial grass, reducing the possibility of bacteria growing in the yard.

Polyethylene artificial grass is simple to maintain because it just needs to be scraped or brushed once in a while to keep the blades perked up and looking their best. When it comes to converting lawns to artificial grass, this form of fake turf most closely mimics natural grass and is typically what homeowners choose to install at their homes.

Many artificial grass fitters use polyethylene over other types of artificial grass because of the points mentioned above, plus its sturdy thus it can endure the abuse and walks on easily. The only issue here is, when people decide to go for cheaper products and end up in lawns that do not last longer.

Types of Artificial Grass

  • Polypropylene

This is not only the cheapest fake grass choice but as professional artificial grass fitters let us tell you that it is also the least durable. While it may appear to be a good value for a homeowner looking for a good discount on landscaping, it will not hold up to people walking or playing on it. So, if you have kids and a big family, stay away from this type of artificial grass.  If you want long-lasting artificial grass, you’ll have to go with something else because polypropylene wears out easily because of the fine texture it has.

Furthermore, it does not withstand high temperatures as well as nylon or polyethylene, which means that even if you fix it in a hot environment, it will lose its shape. Due to heat exposure, this can result in an unnatural-looking grass with flat places and malformed sections. Because of the gentle roll it creates, some golfers like to install a patch of it for home putting training. If you are looking for indoor artificial grass or want to use it as decor, polypropylene is a perfect choice.



About My Lovely Lawn

We are professional artificial grass fitters in London. We have a wide range of different types of best artificial grass, all made of the highest quality materials. It will look like real grass when you buy synthetic turf from us. Avail of the benefits to install artificial grass by calling us. We will send experienced artificial grass fitters to look into your area and decide the best turf for your home or office.

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