How Do I Choose the Best Artificial Grass for A Garden

install artificial grassAre you looking for artificial lawn installation? And don't know where to start or the best turf for your garden? Choosing fake grass for your house or company isn't only about looks; there are other advantages to be had, ranging from cheaper upkeep to lower charges. When the time comes for artificial lawn installation, you want to know that you are obtaining the most cost-effective alternative to provide you with years of active usage.

With so many variations available, selecting the right artificial turf for your requirements can be difficult, but we at the My Lovely Lawn Company are here to assist. We've put together this informative blog to select the best fake grass installation for your needs. With all pros and cons, you'll need to know to make a wise decision. Informed decisions vary on your budget while keeping maintenance in mind. There are many things that you have to consider when deciding what type of artificial lawn installation is best for you. We at My Lovely Lawn would like to mention some of the essential aspects here: 

Colour of Artificial Grass

Most of us think artificial lawn installation is a fake-looking dark green. However, there are a variety of tones available, and many add strands of brown fibre and 'grass blades' of varying heights to imitate a typical lawn. Colour is another essential consideration when selecting a fake grass installation. Tones and saturation should be realistic. Different coloured Fibres can make it look more like natural grass; nevertheless, keep in mind that genuine grass is not always completely green. A small amount of regulated imperfection is always sufficient.

In most cases, you get what you pay for artificial lawn installation. The cheapest items resemble the brilliant green baize used by greengrocers, which is fine for a pitch-and-putt golf course but not for a garden.

Lawn Types 

If you are searching for a specific sort of grass, it is advisable to choose a type of grass produced expressly for that purpose. Your artificial lawn installation will comply with the criteria of the respective sports federations, especially if it will be used as a sports surface.

Here are Four Types for an Artificial Lawn: 

  • Fake grass for dogs or pets:  A high-traffic area capable of handling pet urine and waste.
  • Lawn for sports and activities: A high-traffic lawn will be used extensively throughout the year.
  • Shown Lawn: This is great for a low traffic lawn to improve the looks of a garden space while significantly lowering upkeep
  • Lawn for entertainment: A grass that can tolerate heavy traffic and manage spills and stains.

Each of these varieties will necessitate a particular set of capabilities and attributes from artificial grass.

artificial lawn installation

Good Resistance of Fake Grass Installation to Foot Traffic

When selecting artificial lawn installation, you should begin by considering the variety of grasses available from an aesthetic standpoint.

Consider the style you want to accomplish and the purpose of your grass. If children and pets are playing on the grass, a slightly longer pile height may be preferable to provide a soft, cushioning feel underfoot; however, if you want artificial grass purely to improve the appearance of your lawn and eliminate some maintenance, a shorter pile height may be preferable.

Artificial turf needs to be resistant to foot traffic. When you walk on a fibrillated lawn, the fake grass becomes scruffy and loses its lustre. A monofilament lawn has a memory effect of restoring to its original height.

The Density of Artificial Lawn Installation 

It is also critical to compare the pile density of synthetic grass. Generally, the higher the pile density, the lusher the artificial lawn installation will appear. On the other hand, low pile density grass might appear sparse and thin.

Dtex is the most common unit of measurement for artificial lawn installation density. The more stitches there are in the fake grass, the denser it will be. A lush artificial grass appears more natural than a sparsely planted lawn. The product's density might also affect the resilience and recovery of your grass. 

It depends on you to decide if you desire a thick and bushy appearance and whether density is also required since your garden receives a lot of foot activity.

You should also consider the angle from which you will be seeing your fake grass. Make sure the grass pile is facing your house or the main view, as this will give it a complete and natural appearance. If you turn the pile away from your house, it will seem sparkling.

artificial lawn cost

Cost of Fake Grass Installation

The cost of artificial lawn installation is also an important and mandatory factor. We recommend you to look at our pricing section on our website. You'll get affordable price ideas that suit your goals, so it allows you to install artificial grass comfortably. Also, bear in mind that after 2-4 years, your artificial lawn will be paid for and will be less expensive than natural grass.

Final Thoughts 

Choosing an artificial lawn does not have to be complicated, but as this article points you, it is essential to know more than just the beauty of fake grass. To guarantee that high-performance grass lasts a long time, evaluate the levels of usage, followed by factors such as the type of plastic, pile height, and pile density. You can get free samples of our artificial lawn installation to compare the available products.

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