How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost

Artificial grass cost can be a disincentive for some businesses and homeowners. Business and home owners always ask how much does artificial lawn cost? They are also curious to know if artificial grass is a good investment financially? Replacing natural grass with artificial grass isn't cheap, but it's something worth considering. Installing artificial grass is a great financial investment in the climate of the UK. We'll show you how to do it and why in this article.

Artificial grass is popular because it is low-maintenance but high-quality. Artificial turf is ideal for homes. The cost question is a common concern because many folks want to invest in artificial grass and install artificial lawns.

However, you must consider the cost of the artificial grass and the cost of installation and maintenance. In this article you'll get the how-know about different materials, labor, fees and our company's My Lovely Lawn artificial grass cost.

Artificial Grass Cost in Different Variant

Artificial grass cost depends on the square footage of the install and how much artificial grass is needed. On the other hand, depending on which licenced contractor and labour force you hire to install it for you. This may include many, if not all, of the following steps: Old or existing natural/artificial grass must be removed. The evening before the installation, prepare the area with base rock and other necessary work, such as gopher guard or preventative weed control. Some of the artificial grass is of better quality and exists in the premium quality, which means it is more expensive than other types of artificial grass.

The artificial grass, for example, costs between £12 to £14 per square foot when installed by professional licenced contractors. Artificial grass cost varies from £2 to £4 per square foot. You can save even more money by installing the artificial grass yourself, depending on how handy you are.

When will you see a Return on the Investment on your Artificial lawn?

  • Artificial grass is initially an expensive investment. Although you will see a gradual but steady financial return from having it installed over the next 10 to 20 years!
  • For starters, you'll save time and energy by not having to mow your lawn. In addition to the tools, power, gas, fertiliser, pesticides, anti-weed products, and other resources required for said maintenance.
  • You can save water bills for sure. 

cost of artificial turf in London

Qualities of Artificial Grass

If you are new to artificial grass, then the new thing is for you: a wide range of artificial grass exists in the market. You can choose a range of quality levels, each level offering different artificial lawn cost to match different budgets. 

  • Basic - Basic quality artificial grass can be a cost-effective choice if you're looking to turf your garden with fake grass for the lowest possible price. You can expect to pay between £9 per m2 and £14 per m2 for basic artificial grass, which is ideal for areas that aren't overly precious to you or children or animals that will heavily use that. You'll find thickness and realism options within that price range, allowing you to achieve the look and price you want.
  • Standard - There are a variety of mid-range turfs that provide increased realism and a more natural feel for those with a little more money to spend and looking for a higher quality fake grass. The artificial grass cost per m2 for this mid-level product ranges from £14 to £24 per m2, and as with the basic quality, you'll pay more for a thicker weave and a more lifelike appearance.
  • Premium - Premium fake grasses are available at the high end of the price spectrum, whether you're looking for ultra-realism in your garden or turfing a 5-star hotel lawn. Longer-lasting and resembling real grass, prices range from £45 per m2 to £80 per m2, depending on length, realism, and thickness.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

  • Maintenance – Artificial grass needs just a little maintenance, requiring far less upkeep than tending and moving to a lawn would take. 
  • Easy Installation – Providing that the necessary preparation work has been completed, the ground has been properly levelled, and the weather conditions are favourable, laying artificial grass is a relatively simple task. If you want to save money on fake grass, it may be more cost-effective to install it yourself. On the other hand, more preparation is required to get your garden ready for the lawn to be laid; it may be more cost-effective and time-saving to hire a local tradesperson like hire My Lovely Lawn experts to complete the job.
  •  Good for dogs and Children – Your children and dogs could ruin your real grass lawn and turn it into unsightly muddy mayhem. An artificial lawn will keep its mind-blowing appearance all year round. 
  • Water-Saving - You won't have a micro-habitat for insects and other wildlife in your garden if you use artificial grass. However, one environmental benefit of artificial grass is that it saves water, as well-kept natural lawns require regular watering to stay in good shape.

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Artificial Grass Cost and Samples at My Lovely Lawn


EcoLong 43mm Recyclable Artificial Grass

Pie Length 43MM

Price / sq m £31.99 / sq m

Paw 28mm Ultra Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Pie Length 28 mm

Price £26.99 / sq m

Mayfair 44mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 44 mm

Price £29.99 / sq m

Oxford 40mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 40 mm

Price £27.99 / sq m

Harpenden 38mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 38 mm

Price £35.99 / sq m

Chelsea 35mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 35 mm

Price £25.99 / sq m

Cobham 40mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 40 mm

Price £24.99 / sq m

Windsor 32mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 32 mm

Price £22.99 / sq m

Soho 35mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 35 mm

Price £21.99 / sq m

Kensington 30mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 30 mm

Price £20.99 / sq m

Wimbledon 23mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 23 mm

Price £14.99 / sq m

Knightsbridge 45mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 45 mm

Price £28.99 / sq m

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