How Much Does Artificial Lawn Cost

So you want to install fake grass on your lawn. But the first question comes to mind. What does artificial lawn cost? Indeed, no doubt, this is the first question that hits the mind when thinking about synthetic turf, and I think no one has the right answer. Artificial grass has become famous in the recent era due to its long-lasting and requires very little maintenance. Artificial grass means you want to get a clear picture of a top-notch lawn all year round. In this blog, you can get Artificial grass costs in the UK.  

The average price in the UK for a full turnkey installation varies between £7 to £14 per square foot. It can be more or less depending on your project's requirements. Several factors can affect the overall cost, which is why you have to inquire and get the complimentary estimate from the professional installer.

Artificial grass costs are usually expressed as a dollar amount per square foot. To begin, you'll need to determine the overall size of the area to install artificial grass. The project's square footage determines the cost of artificial grass. Second, you'll have to decide whether you want your new turf installed by a professional or if you want it done yourself.

Artificial Lawn Cost

You should also consider the cost of installation and artificial grass. The average cost of artificial grass installation per day is between £300 and £600. The cost of fake grass is determined by factors such as the type of artificial grass you select, the size of your lawn, and your location.

As the lovely lawn mentioned before, the total cost of putting artificial grass in the lawn depends on various factors. We at lovely lawn recommend that you ensure that the cost of the artificial grass is based on the size of your lawn or outdoor space. Make sure to keep in mind the factors of installation costs if this is not a DIY project.

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Artificial Grass Cost and Your Budget

Well, did you not get the idea yet? Here are some essential factors which you have to utilise:

Lawn Size

The majority of installers charge a minimum fee. If your project is less than 400 square feet, you will almost certainly be paying far more per square foot than the national average. On the other hand, if you have a big lawn, the more artificial grass you'll need, and the more time it'll take to lay. The Artificial grass is easier to install in a square-shaped garden. Artificial lawn costs will automatically increase if you have a lawn in an irregular shape.

Artificial grass is also available in rolls of a specific width. If your garden is wider than that, you may require additional turf. There's a chance you'll have to deal with more waste, which will have to be factored into your budget. Level the surface where you want to install the artificial grass. It should be top-notch and also drain well. You must first prepare the surface if your garden is uneven or waterlogged. 

Basic Budget

If you are installing the turf on your lawn on your own, it will reduce the cost per square foot. You have to pay for equipment and materials. This basic level product is functional, but it isn't always attractive. Those on a tight budget can be a good option, but we at lovely lawn usually recommend investing in higher-quality materials. Budget artificial grass typically costs between £7 and £14/sq m

Standard Budget 

Standard artificial lawn cost usually has a thicker pile and strand of various collections of colours, good feel, and texture to give it a more realistic appearance. At my lovely lawn, you'll get the standard artificial lawn cost between £14 – £24/sq.

Premium Budget 

Premium artificial lawn cost for premium quality artificial grass. You'll get the finer leafy stems. The premium quality artificial grass provides an authentic and fantastic look that will enhance the appearance of your lawn. At my lovely lawn, the average artificial lawn cost ranges from £45 – £80/sq.

Remember that, like any other home improvement project, artificial grass is an investment that will increase the value of your home and pay for itself over time. Yes, synthetic turf installation costs more than natural grass. The savings, on the other hand, are in the maintenance. Artificial grass is a one-time investment, and you'll get the lifetime benefit. When deciding on a budget for the project, keep in mind how much money you'll save versus the artificial lawn cost upfront.

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Artificial Grass Samples at My Lovely Lawn


EcoLong 43mm Recyclable Artificial Grass

Pie Length 43MM

Price / sq m £31.99 / sq m

Paw 28mm Ultra Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Pie Length 28 mm

Price £26.99 / sq m

Mayfair 44mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 44 mm

Price £29.99 / sq m

Oxford 40mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 40 mm

Price £27.99 / sq m

Harpenden 38mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 38 mm

Price £35.99 / sq m

Chelsea 35mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 35 mm

Price £25.99 / sq m

Cobham 40mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 40 mm

Price £24.99 / sq m

Windsor 32mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 32 mm

Price £22.99 / sq m

Soho 35mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 35 mm

Price £21.99 / sq m

Kensington 30mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 30 mm

Price £20.99 / sq m

Wimbledon 23mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 23 mm

Price £14.99 / sq m

Knightsbridge 45mm Artificial Grass

Pie Length 45 mm

Price £28.99 / sq m

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