How Much Heat Will Artificial Grass Absorb in the Summer

Every year, more and more people, companies, and homeowners alike invest in residential and commercial artificial grass. Artificial grass, commercial or residential, is not only a breath-taking sight to see, but it also saves water, money, and human labour. Managing real grass is a tedious task during the summertime, plus it costs a fortune to maintain residential and commercial synthetic grass. Most often, even after putting in so much effort and money, the grass ends up wilting and yellowing.

This, when compared to the installation of artificial turf in London, the latter looks like a more sensible option. Yes, the cost of installing commercial artificial grass is more, but then again, consider it a one-time price only. 

Most artificial grass requires low maintenance, requires no sprinklers, and does not use any pesticides to repel the insects. In the end, there has to be a reason why most countries are replacing natural grass with residential and commercial artificial grass.

But what happens when the temperatures reach the sky? Will your investment in artificial grass in London absorb the heat or what?

Will the Artificial Sward, London Absorb Heat?

The whole making of the artificial grass is different from natural grass. The artificial grass is made using synthetic materials that collect heat and maintain it. Growing up, we remember our parents saying not to touch the asphalt in the summers. Even sand and cement can burn our feet in the summertime. These are the days when walking bare feet on the natural grass oozes the heat out of our bodies. 

Though not as cool as the natural grass, the residential and commercial artificial grass appears cooler than cement and sand during the summer. Plus, you can come up with some tips n tricks to make your synthetic grass a little colder.

Synthetic grass does not have cooling properties like natural grass. So when the air flows directly above the artificial turf, the grass gets a little warmer. It's not scorching hot as cement, as mentioned earlier. Do you know that the warmth that artificial grass in London gives off is considered good by many people? The reason is simple- the weather in London never gets so hot to intensify the heat of the synthetic grass.

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Options for the Coolest Commercial Artificial Grass

  • Many commercial artificial grass owners find that the heat absorbed by artificial grass blades does not cause a problem. But, if you are looking for commercial artificial grass with cooler sods, or probably if you are in the market for synthetic grass in London and are searching for artificial grass that needs low maintenance, specific tips will ease down your trip.
  • If you are thinking to invest in artificial turf in London, there are certain materials you can opt for that will help maintain the temperature of the grass during summertime.
  • Always select light shades of greens rather than darker colours as it absorbs less heat.
  • The infill materials also affect how much heat the grass will absorb. When looking for turf for the artificial grass, London, consider the following;
  • Turf that weighs more will retain more heat; always go for lighter face weight.
  • Do not use rubber infill or silica sand to absorb more sun rays.
  • Note- always consult a professional before residential and commercial artificial grass installation procedures as they can guide you better.

Tips to Keep Artificial Lawn, London Cool During Summertime

Rinsing your lawn with a cooling hose to reduce the surface temperature is a quick solution to a turf that may be a little too hot to handle for your pets or children. Giving your synthetic grass a rinse before outdoor play can help dissipate the heat quickly. As an artificial lawn owner, you will want to keep a hose handy for any pet usage anyway. 

Cover the artificial grass with umbrellas or shade sails. It will block direct sun shining on the grass. The shady part can also be used as picnic points or evening tea time for families.

Install retractable awning as it protects the grass from forming blisters during peak heat time

Install sprinklers if you haven't already. Using water sprinklers in commercial artificial grass will cool the rising heat when the sun peaks up.

Most people usually do not have any problem when using synthetic grass in London as it does not get much hot in the summertime to absorb too much heat. People living in the Middle East might find this a problem.


If you are worried about your artificial grass, London absorbing too much heat, don't worry. For the people in London, this will not be a problem. But, if global warming takes over and gets too hot for people, there are tips n tricks to cool down the residential and commercial artificial turf with water hosing and sprinklers.

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