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Beautiful outdoor spaces are great for boosting the shopfront of your business or creating a serene break-out area for customers and employees.

Carpeting your outdoor haven with high-quality astroturf is a hassle-free way of improving the aesthetic appearance and usability of your commercial property.

Commercial artificial grass installations are soaring in popularity in the UK. Fake turf looks like natural grass but is far easier to maintain.

With outdoor spaces becoming a critical feature in a world where social distancing has become the “new norm”, the health and wellbeing of a nation can be enhanced by more outdoor seating areas.

Not only that, but artificial grass provides businesses with an opportunity to create more events or services from outdoor spaces - which could result in higher financial returns.

Artificial lawns can help you create gorgeous outdoor areas without the hassle. Popular settings for artificial lawns include:

- Sports recreation grounds
- Crossfit and functional gyms
- Corporate break-out areas
- Pubs and restaurant outdoor seating areas
- Retail centres
- Children’s play areas

The options for commercial properties are extensive. This can make selecting the best artificial grass for your business more complicated. Contrary to popular belief, there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fake lawns.

Gone are the days when artificial grass meant a bright green, scratchy turf. However, our experts are on hand to provide advice and help you reach a sound purchasing decision without having to overthink it.

To give you a heads up though, the article reveals some of the pointers you should consider when choosing an artificial lawn for your commercial property.

We’ve also included some great examples of businesses that have embraced the artificial lawn factor and have introduced novel ways of revamping their business.

1. Pile Height is Important

Pile height is the height of the strands that are used to create the visual appearance of blades of grass. Essentially, the pile height is your preferred 'grass length'.

With artificial grass, there's no deep-diving under the hood of your lawnmower to alter cutting heights. There's no mowing altogether! We can engineer your perfect grass length, all year round.

Pile height can range from 10mm to around 200mm, so it can greatly alter the appearance of your lawn together with how you use it.

Your preferred pile height will likely depend on your type of business, and the way in which your artificial grass will be used. If you expect people to play football to other sports, Astroturf with a low pile height is best.

Low pile options are less affected by high volumes of traffic, so your lawn will also stay in top condition for as long as possible.

Low traffic areas can accommodate any pile height, so you can determine your best option by simply picking the shade or pile you find most visually pleasing.

2. The Fake Grass Density

Not to be confused with pile height, pile density is also an important factor in selecting artificial grass for commercial use. When artificial grass is made, synthetic fibres are stitched to a backing material.

Pile density refers to the number of fibres stitched to this backing material, and how close together they are. The more fibres stitched into the fabric, the higher the density.

Pile density is typically measured in stitches per square metre.

Pile density has a big impact on the durability of artificial grass. The higher the density, the more able your grass will be to support high footfall. So, if you're opting for artificial grass for your sports ground or pub garden, you'll probably want a denser option.

3. The Fake Grass Resilience

We've touched on this in reference to the grass density, but resilience is key when selecting your artificial grass. If you select the right choice, your lawn should stay in top condition for at least a decade, if not two!

Set your lawn up for success by carefully considering exactly how you intend to use your grass.

Aside from the amount of footfall you expect, a number of other factors can influence the wear and tear of your artificial grass.

For example, if you plan to install your artificial grass on the side of a wind-exposed building, you may want to opt for a lower density to allow the wind to pass through.

Or, if it's likely that children and animals will be using your lawn, you'll want to go for something that has high durability.

Generally, high-density piles are more resilient, but density isn't the only factor to consider. The grass material can also influence the durability of your lawn.

4. Why Artificial Grass is Popular for Commercial Use

Artificial grass has multiple uses but is low-maintenance. Because you don’t have to pay a lot of attention to fake grass it’s a good option for most busy business owners.

At the same time, modern artificial grass options are highly aesthetic and look just like a natural lawn. And you don't need to get the lawnmower out every three weeks to keep your artificial grass in “Instagrammable” condition.

Additionally, these lovely lawns offer great drainage, so you won't be worried about slipping. And of course, there's no concern for muddy shoes tracking through your premises when it's raining.

In recent times, we've all learned to appreciate our outdoor spaces a little bit more. In times where we couldn't congregate indoors, gardens and parks have allowed us safer spaces to see loved ones and support businesses.

Pub gardens and outdoor seating have allowed hospitality businesses to stay afloat during the lockdown. They could be used to boost your business moving forward!

Additionally, being outdoors supports mental and physical wellbeing. Staying inside isn't good for anybody. Fresh air and a healthy supply of Vitamin-D helps us feel calmer and happier.

Whereas outdoor office space may previously have been seen as somewhere for sunbathing or smoking, many businesses are creating outdoor spaces to benefit employee wellbeing. Using artificial grass in these spaces is a convenient and affordable way to encourage employees to take their breaks outdoors.

5. Commercial Fake Grass Installation (Benefits and Examples)

Wallmart's Rooftop Crazy Golf Course


The international corporation, Walmart has treated its staff at their Brazil headquarters to a rooftop playground. By installing a strip of artificial grass, the company created a durable and visually pleasing mini-golf course for employees to enjoy in their downtime. Of course, the panoramic views of São Paulo also help the aesthetic.

Shopping Centre with Umbrella Lined Sky

Edinburgh Festival Embraces the Artificial Lawn

Artificial Grass in the Boardroom

Artificial Grass Installations

Time to jump into the twenty-first century and install artificial grass in your commercial space? My Lovely Lawn can help. Installing artificial grass requires extensive knowledge and specialist equipment. We founded My Lovely Lawn in 2016, with a desire to create exceptional outdoor spaces both commercial and domestic.

We are driven by a passion to get people back outside, but natural grass is not the most practical option. So, using industry-leading technology and expertise, we've created a solution to help businesses create amazing outdoor spaces without the hassle.

If your feel overwhelmed by the choice of artificial lawns or would like some ideas as to which type of grass best suits your needs, take advantage of our experts.

Contact us by email, phone or messenger app. We can help you select the right artificial grass for your business needs, and install it as per your specifications.

Want more information about installing artificial grass in your commercial space? Click here to learn more about our expertise in artificial grass commercial installations.

Professional Artificial Grass Installations

To get the most from your investment, we highly recommend taking advantage of the knowledge, skill and experience of our professional artificial grass installers.

We also recommend using a trusted artificial grass company in London that supplies, designs and installs high-quality turf. Avoid low-quality artificial grass at all costs.

It’s not worth the risk of installing a low-cost astroturf that deteriorates in just a few years. The lifetime of high-quality artificial grass is far less expensive when it’s installed by reliable London professionals.

Best Artificial Grass For Commercial Use

This cool and quirky shopping centre has shoppers reaching for their cameras. Adding to the summery aesthetic is a walkway of artificial grass, to compliment the bold colours of the umbrellas. Artificial grass is rarely the main feature but is excellent at complimenting fun commercial spaces.

This particular choice offers a great affordable seating area, without requiring section dividers or decking. Shoppers need only grab a deck chair and enjoy the view.


When it comes to artificial grass, think big! This snap of a food court at the Edinburgh Festival shows just how perfect this material is for mass gatherings.

Festival-goers needn't worry about putting their wellies on, with this great alternative to dining in a boggy field. The festival set up vendors and picnic benches on an artificial lawn to create a vibrant dining area. This setup would work well at food festivals or outdoor cinemas. Remember, high-density, low pile options would be perfect in this setting.

Think artificial grass is for outdoor use only? Think again! These forward-thinking offices have installed artificial grass into their office spaces to boost employee morale.

The colour green makes people feel calmer and more confident - it comes back to our innate love of the outdoors. Since British weather hinders us from working outdoors most of the time, why not bring the outdoors inside? Check out these stylish examples of artificial grass within the office:

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