How to Choose the Best Fake Grass for Your Dogs & Pets?
Opting for synthetic grass when you have dogs or pets at home can be a different task when selecting a fake lawn without one. If you are a pet lover, finding pet-friendly artificial grass becomes important so that your beloved pet walks on the best turf around. You can contact any artificial grass supplier and ask them specifically for dog friendly artificial grass as a normal synthetic turf won’t just work here.

Why Opt for Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass for Pets?

When having pets or dogs around, you need dog friendly artificial grass because the normal turf here is not just feasible. Fortunately, there are various ways to make artificial turf pet-friendly. Using a silica infill is one method. These infills include an anti-microbial covering that protects them from bacteria and microorganisms. Furthermore, silica has a natural cooling sensation on hot days, insulating your pet’s paws from the heat. Rubber backfill should be avoided because it can get fairly hot and lacks anti-microbial properties.



Dog Friendly Artificial Grass

Additional turf variants don’t require backfilling, allowing any pet urine to drain into a sand bed underneath. When it comes to building a backyard for your pet to go potty, this might also be a good option.

Finding Dog Friendly Artificial Grass


  • Fake grass and artificial turf are available in various categories and quality levels. Finding one that is soft, comfy, and with a smooth blade will help your pet feel much better. It’s also important to remember that synthetic grass might last up to ten years, so you want to make sure you’ve chosen the correct turf for the task. Synthetic turf is claw-resistant, which means your pets are unlikely to dig or tear it up, regardless of the type of turf you choose. When contacting an artificial grass supplier, it is worth mentioning that you have pets at home.


  • Odour control – Your artificial grass supplier will need to look into drainage issues when looking for turf. Usually, pet-friendly artificial grass has greater draining properties.


  • Bad odours are one of the most common issues that pet owners face. Because your pet will be dumping waste on your fake grass, you’ll want to ensure the type you select is the greatest for drainage. Once you’ve installed it, make sure you clean it using water or a solution of water and vinegar to keep it clean and free of smell.


  • Installation quality – This isn’t always related to picking the correct artificial turf but ensuring that you install artificial grass correctly. Therefore, finding the right artificial grass supplier with the right installation techniques is critical because the consequences of a poor installation of dog friendly synthetic turf can be much more severe. Pets may be destructive, so ensure everything is structured to drain correctly and securely fastened.


  • Infill- Finally, the pet-friendly artificial turf is important, and the best option here is silica gel because of its microbial coating and cooling properties. Make sure to tell the synthetic turf supplier about what infill you want because you want to keep your pets walking on a comfortable lawn.


How to Install Dog Friendly Artificial Grass?


Just like the installation of a normal lawn, the pet-friendly fake grass installation requires the following;

  • Levelling off the ground
  • Ensuring that it weeded
  • Channelling a proper drainage
  • Using odour-controlling turf 

The only difference at this point is once you have placed and leveled the turf, you need to follow the steps mentioned below for pet-friendly artificial grass;



Why Use Fake Lawn for Pets?


  • Free of Stains & Drains 

Unfortunately, the strong acidity of a dog’s urine causes natural grass to burn repeatedly and permanently, leading to a dark and uneven lawn all year, regardless of how often you water it down or replant it. On the other hand, using dog friendly artificial grass is designed with huge holes drilled to let urine move through it and is created with the highest quality materials, ensuring that your pet’s pee does not discolour or burn the artificial grass. For more information, ask your artificial grass suppliers

  • Sturdy & Versatile

Most pet-friendly fake grass can be used in a variety of ways. This means you can utilise it in your lawn, as well as for patios and terraces alike.

Aside from its adaptability, the artificial grass is also incredibly durable and can handle the rough stuff of pets playing.

Did you know why dogs dig? This is because they have a strong odour of soil? So when you switch to pet-friendly artificial grass, they won’t dig since there’s no soil odour. Say no to your dog digging and ruining your lawn with pet-friendly artificial turf.

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

  • It’s low-maintenance and simple to clean.
  • Cleaning up after your dog is a breeze with artificial grass. As previously stated, the dog friendly fake grass is built with drainage holes. 
  • You can also hose down your fake grass lawn, or you could apply a suitably diluted disinfectant to sanitise it to a higher degree.

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