How to Find Best Artificial Grass in 2022

Are you jealous of your neighbour’s lush green lawn? Have you ever thought that maybe it is not real grass? Yes, if it’s green and you’ve hardly seen them watering the lawn, then it’s fake. More and more families are switching to artificial grass in London.

Before you decide to visit the market and buy artificial grass in London, you need to do some research. The market has various types of fake grass, and in this blog, we have covered the top four fake grass you need to read before hiring someone for artificial grass installation in London.

Let’s Check the Top Three Artificial Turf in London:

  • Chelsea Artificial Turf  

Chelsea is a multi-coloured soft emerald green pine grass with highly sturdy ‘C’ shape polypropylene blades. You need to go for this artificial grass in London if natural tones of green are more widespread in your area or fit your surroundings! Its density, combined with the famous 30mm pile, makes it an excellent choice for high-traffic installations. The fibres are stain and UV-resistant, so they will not fade in the sun and keep their beauty throughout the year.



Artificial Grass in London


Rainwater has no trouble draining through this artificial grass in London because it is porous and has drainage holes. Chelsea 30mm artificial grass is pet and child friendly and requires no watering. Call us for Chelsea artificial grass installation in London now!

  • Eco 43 Artificial Turf in London

Eco 43 artificial grass in London comprises 98.85 percent polyolefin and 1.15 percent other plastic, with a woven polymer backing. This percent exceeds the minimum recyclability criterion and hence meets the recyclability standard, making it recyclable. Polymer fibres and latex backing are essentially inseparable in today’s non-recyclable fake grass.

  1. Guaranteed for ten years
  2. Typical Applications: Gardens, Playgrounds 
  3. Green in colour

If you want to opt for recyclable turf, go for Eco 43 and call us now for the installation of artificial turf in London 

  • Mayfair Artificial Turf in London

Mayfair UV-stabilised artificial grass in London is a high-quality tufted synthetic grass with a 40mm thickness. It’s ideal for gardening, landscaping, and even terraces. It’s safe for the environment, as it’s free of lead and cadmium. It’s a 40mm thick UV-stabilised tufted synthetic grass. Mayfair artificial turf in London is ideal for a crowded garden. Without the need for upkeep, it appears natural and lovely. Call us now for artificial turf installation in London as it is the most recent generation of fake grass.

How to Find the Best Artificial Turf in London

  • Density

When you check the density of the commercial artificial grass in London, it often means checking the number of blades per square inch. Compared to a thread count in linens, a higher stitch count indicates a higher-quality turf.

Turf materials with a higher density are much more resilient and create a more realistic artificial grass landscape.

  • Height of the Pile

The length of the blades of artificial grass in London is called pile height.

If you’re looking for synthetic turf for a sports field, dog run, or even another high-traffic area, opt for a pile height of 38 to 58%.

Products with a longer pile height, between 1 -14 and 2 – 12 inches, create a luxurious, true-to-life look for a front yard.

  • Face Weight of Artificial Turf

The face weight is the number of ounces of substance per square yard.

The higher the face weight, the higher the quality and longer the fake grass will last. When opting for a fake grass installation in London, make sure you check the face weight of that specific artificial turf. 



  • Thatch

Thatch is a type of fibre that stimulates the irregularities of natural grass by ranging in colour, weight, and texture.

Brown strands in thatch frequently resemble the dying underlayer of grass beneath the vivid green, growing one.

If you want a fake grass solution for your front or back lawn, one with thatch will give you the most realistic appearance, so go for artificial grass installation in London with a thatch.

  • Backing

There are two types of backing on synthetic grass: primary backing and secondary backing.

The primary and secondary backings operate together to ensure that the overall system is dimensionally stable.

The primary backing is made out of woven polypropylene fabrics that enable artificial grass (in London ) strands to be tufted into the cloth in rows and make seaming between panels easier. Put another way; it’s the sturdy material to which the grass blades/fibres are bonded. Stretch resistance is achieved by using a good backing.


Artificial Grass in London


The Secondary Backing, often known as the ‘coating,’ is put to the reverse side of the primary backing to keep the tufted fibres in place permanently.

  •  Infill

Infill serves various purposes in maintaining the appearance of your artificial grass in London. Before selecting a fake grass installation in London, it is mandatory to decide on the types of artificial grass you want. It keeps fibres upright, stabilises the turf from shifting, and gives the grass a more natural look and feel. Turf fibres would soon grow flat and matted if there were no infill.

It also protects the backing from sun damage and cushions the feet and paws that walk on it.

Infill comprises various elements such as silica sand and crumb rubber.

Antimicrobial, anti-odour, and cooling characteristics are available in some products.



Now that we have covered the top three artificial grass in London, it’s time to call us at My Lovely Lawn and hire us for artificial grass installation in London.

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