How to Install Artificial Grass

A professional artificial grass fitter will be important to hire when developing a garden. Fitting the turf by yourself can be a hard nut to crack. On the other hand, if you want to save time and energy, leave everything on London's professional artificial grass fitter.

Artificial grass fitter specialists will provide all the obligatory equipment and tools for the job. The ground must be completely dug up before the installation of turf. After that, a turf cutter should cut the grass underside. It's essential to lean the blade against the obstruction on the underside of the grass. After you've cut the turf, calculate the relief cuts you'll need to make from the obstruction's base.

A professional artificial grass installer will ensure that the installation goes smoothly and without damage. Rates will vary according to the size of the garden, the type of installation, and the time frame you want. You can get a quote once you measure the things according to your turf installation needs. Typically, you can find the artificial turf fitter for an affordable price. You can get a reasonable price at My Lovely Lawn, one of London's best artificial grass fitters.

Artificial Grass Fitter Should Remove the Unnecessary Grass

Time to get rid of the lawn that has caused you so much frustration over the years. Before beginning, the installation process should thoroughly clean any damaged areas. Aside from cleaning up the infill material, debris should be removed from the artificial grass installation. Once installed, a professional artificial grass fitter should remove any existing design elements and weed membrane beneath the artificial grass. If you're unsure what will look best in your garden, hire a professional artificial grass installer.

The goal is to clear out the existing landscaping and make room for your lawn on a flat surface. Because you want the artificial grass to sit about half an inch higher than any edging, dig the soil about 1.5 to 2.5 inches deep.

Prepare the site for artificial grass installation by lightly wetting the area. The soil should be compacted with a plate or roller compactor. At least 85% of the material should be compacted. After that, check to see if the area is firm and flat. Make sure the blade's top is about a half-inch above the hardscape. It's necessary to cut the base material if the area is sloped to avoid settling.

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Preparer the Base and Lay the Turf 

After removing the unnecessary grass, the next thing artificial grass fitter do, they prepare the base. If the grass fitter doesn't level the surface area of your landscaping, your lawn will end up with many imperfections. Artificial turf fitter can use the shovel to remove rocks, bumps, or sticks and level the area. Once they've removed the large debris, rake the area and consider watering the surface for a nice finish.

Now it's time to lay your artificial turf rolls. Make sure your turf doesn't get dragged across your freshly prepared base. It's best to let the turf sit in the sun for 20 minutes to an hour before installing it to allow it to expand. If the artificial grass fitter is working with several rolls, he must make sure the blade direction and stitch patterns are all facing the same way. When blade directions cross, the result is a poor appearance. Nudge and move the artificial grass into the proper position with care. Our expert at My Lovely Lawn wears knee pads to protect knees and shins while manipulating the grass.

Artificial Grass Cost

The cost range depends on the amount of ground preparation and the size of the garden. Before hiring a professional artificial grass fitter, you should consider how much you need the job to be done. 

The installation cost is determined by the size of the area to be covered and the amount of effort you are willing to put in. Artificial grass fitter should ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

artificial grass cost

Make sure the area is properly prepared before installing artificial grass. If the area is too large, you can remove the concrete with a sod cutter or pickaxe. You can proceed to the next stage after the base has been prepared.

You should prepare any remaining preparation after the job is finished. It's best to hire a pro for this because they'll be better prepared to handle the installation.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a local company for your artificial grass installation? My lovely lawn is one of the best artificial grass fitter in London. We have a team of experts in installing artificial grass. It is essential to hire a local company in your area, and you can save a lot of money and avoid hiring a national firm.

Choosing a grass fitter to install your lawn is an important step. Not only will a good fitter be skilled and courteous, but they will also be able to clean up the area afterward. They should also give you a free estimate before beginning the installation.

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