artificial grass for dogs

Artificial grass is gaining popularity among homeowners who love grass alternatives to traditional natural grass that gets yellow after a while. The artificial grass stays the same for an extended period and gives you satisfaction. It requires not as much maintenance as traditional grass needs. And you can enjoy it years around. But here, many people have questions and concerns about whether artificial grass is suitable for their pets or not. Will artificial grass affect your pet? Most people have dogs and cats as pets and are looking for artificial grass for dogs and cats. No need to hassle as we are here to answer all your queries related to your pet’s health and ensure that your four-legged friend remains safe and healthy. 

Built An Easy Living Experience for Your Pets

Pets are tougher on lawns due to the grass, but artificial grass feels soft for your pets, and they also love it. But your synthetic grass must be constructed with the right elements. It offers comfort and durability, making it an ideal choice for your pet. 

Artificial Grass For Dogs Will Not Damage Your Pet’s Doings

Many pet owners are worried about whether or not their pets will feel relieved on these artificial turfs. Pets usually go where they find litter boxes, bathrooms, blocks of cement, on sands, or grounds majorly where you have trained them to do this. Hence introduce artificial grass to your pets, and they will naturally adopt it after a short transitional period. 

The best thing is that your artificial grass for dogs will not get damaged with your pets’ waste. It is easy to clean artificial grass as this tight and premium artificial grass lets urine and another waste drain conveniently. Moreover, when installing synthetic grass, a small portion is made for this purpose. So that you can easily clean the specific area, you can also enhance your artificial grass area according to your pet needs. 

Easy-to-Clean & Remove Odour

You must be careful for your pet’s dropping as Artificial grass for dogs is here to make your life easy. You can conveniently remove it as you do on traditional grass and then hose the grass off. And as we have discussed above, due to its premium construction, it easily drains off the fluid. Like any other household item, artificial grass also traps odours that are hard to detect and eliminate. 

Hence if you feel any unpleasant odour or smell in that specific area, you can clean it off with the help of vinegar, and all the unpleasant odour will vanish after drying. 

Usually Non-Toxic 

Some pets can’t resist licking or chewing artificial grass surfaces, especially when you have newly installed them. And it is completely normal because these artificial turfs are less damaging and less or non-toxic compared to natural grass that has grown with the help of chemicals. 

But you have to check it as if the artificial grass has lead in it, then it is not good for your pet, and you have to keep your pet away from it. It is recommended to opt for lead-free, non-toxic artificial grass that is made to keep your pet healthy. 

Hence you can say that every family member can enjoy artificial grass; even four-legged members of your family will love them and stay healthy. 

artificial grass for dogs

Good For Your Pet’s Health

Your pet’s health is our priority, along with making your home a masterpiece. Here are some facts that you might not know about artificial grass. 

Less Stress

All the pet owners are well aware that pets usually get more stressed when they do not find any place to play and go out to pee. Hence giving your pet the freedom to move freely anywhere at your place and training him to pee in that specific area would be the best thing for you and your pet as well. This helps you to keep your pet away from stress. 

More Exercise

Artificial grass for dogs is not affected by any natural element like sun or rain that could not damage artificial turf. Our synthetic grass does not get dry in the scorching sun and muddy in the rain. This gives your pet complete freedom to play outside whenever they want. This makes them super healthy and active according to their age. This will boost your pet’s energy and daily activities. 

No Chemical-based Cleaning Required

When you have synthetic grass on your lawn, you do not need to maintain it with the help of chemicals. This means you do not need to put pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, or growing chemicals that can potentially harm your pet if they ingested any of the chemicals.

Easily Wash Artificial Grass for Dogs

Yes, you can jet wash artificial grass without fear of losing its colour and the natural feel. But it can be a costly process for you, and it is not recommended to wash it more often, even if you have pets. Just mop it regularly, and it would be more than enough. If there is any issue of unpleasant odour, you can use vinegar water spray at a specific area, and you will feel that unpleasant odour vanishes. 

artificial grass for pets

Artificial Grass for Pets is Not Only For Homes 

Artificial grass is not only made to decorate your home, but it is the best choice to install it on footpaths, buildings, office areas, schools, gardens, grounds, like anywhere grass is needed, and you have to keep your dog’s healthy in mind you can install artificial grass there. With the assistance of My Lovely lawn, you do not need to explain anything to us, give us a call as all types of artificial grass that we are selling are pet-friendly, and it is guaranteed that your pet will love it. 

You will get different types of artificial grass at My Lovely Lawn as we are one of the best artificial grass companies in Surrey. Contact us today and avail of our pet-friendly artificial grass installation for domestic and commercial areas. Please don’t wait and keep your dog happy and active with our artificial grass. 

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