Artificial Grass Surrey

Artificial Grass Installation & Supply (Harpenden 38 & ProPutt)

300m2 Artificial Grass Installation Harpenden 38mm using a 100mm artificial grass base with ProPutt Artificial Grass


The Challenge

"We would like to have a garden we can use all year round and not have to worry about the mud or grass maintenance as we do not want to have to seed/re-turf every few years as it always seems to die. I play golf with my friends and would enjoy a small putting green in the area if you could"

Finer Details

An additional 4 tons of MOT Type 1 aggregate was added into the middle of the garden to help improve drainage as the client was keeping the lawn on the same gradient to give it a more natural look. Leveling and not leveling a garden both have their benefits in terms of looks and cost - it really just depends on your needs for the space.

The detail is in the cuts where careful attention was taken into consideration for the S shape cut to separate the putting green with the domestic artificial grass, cutting round the tree and ecoborder perimeter.

  • Major Materials: MOT Type 1 & Granite/Grano Dust Sub-base, Harpenden 38mm Artificial Grass, ProPutt Golf Artificial Grass, Kiln Dried Sand
  • Residential/Business: Residential
  • Building Type: Detached House
  • Access: Side Access
  • Timeframe: 4 Days Completion


“We had terrible drainage and worms ruining our lawn. Dilan & Adam have dramatically changed my garden, planning with precision. My wife and I are happy and am enjoying the putting green a lot. Fully recommended”