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Full clearance, double slatted contemporary fencing, composite decking, treated sleeper bed, custom buddah alignment and natural turf.



A run down garden with rotten wooden decking just falling appart with the area overgrown with no turf growing year after year. The client requested suitable areas for planting without compromising on the trees, more space to enjoy in the sun on the floor with the kids and decking that would last.

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We started to rip the garden out, clearing a great space where the client and us could see had amazing potential.

We began with installing double slatted contemporary fencing on the back side, full right side and partial left to match the decking area.

A double height treated railway sleeper box was created embedding around the trees in a U shape filled with premium screened top soil creating a a beautiful space where the client could plant and bring life to the garden. Mitre joints were used to provide sleek corners to the sleepers for a more modern design.

Essex natural turf provided quality and durability for high use area, where the turf is also suitable for sunny or shady areas (where the tree is).

Dino Composite Decking was installed to ensure the client never had seen any more rotten decking - super easy to maintain and has a lovely wooden colour that compliments the sleepers and fence. Dino decking doesn't break the bank and is a really great alternative to wooden decking with very little maintenance.

Lastly to finish off the Buddha. Quite the cool feature which our client adored. Resting on a treated railway sleeper the Buddha is levitating at the end of the garden, bringing its spirit alive every-time the client steps out the balcony doors.

The Challenge

Overall the project was very simple, easy and efficient.

Access was tight through this property, having to protect all doors and walls to take out the waste and fit through the fencing materials and concrete posts. The client was left extremely happy with the protection and clean up at the very end.

Finer Details

For more details and costings for this project, or would like to landscape your garden please get in touch with us.

  • Major Materials: Double Slatted Contemporary Fence Panels, Concrete Gravel Boards, Concrete Posts, Treated Railway Sleepers 100mmx200mmx2.4m, Premium Screened Soil, Essex Turf, Dino Decking Composite Wood and Postcrete
  • Residential/Business: Residential
  • Building Type: Terraced
  • Access: Through House
  • Timeframe: 6 Days Completion


Thanks to you and your team. Garden is looking good. Done a great job!