Artificial Grass Installation & Supply (Harpenden 38 & ProPutt)

Artificial Grass Installation with Harpenden 38mm for a luxury feel & ProPutt Artificial Grass to test their putting skills at the comfort of home.


The Challenge

The client requested a complete overhall of their garden to make into a golf green area.

We provided the client with a design service to lay out each course in the space.

Finer Details

The area now features 3 separate golf greens using ProPutt, Harpenden 30 and Mayfair 45 artificial grass to provide 3 tones of cuts to the grass. 2x white sand bunkers were created with metal edging to securely fix the artificial grass too with 3 chipping locations. As the customer visited his property in the summer time only, the white sand provides more light to the area and contrast with the artificial grass than a brown tinted colour. Kiln Dried Sand was used as an infill on the the grass to provide durability and allow the ball to roll freely in all directions.

The project included use of track barrows and dumpers, which were laid down with ply to protect the rest of the garden and patio area.

Our carpenter formed a custom bridge laying from green 2 to green 3 using treated cedar wood.

  • Major Materials: MOT Type 1, Grano/Granite Dust, Harpenden 30mm Artificial Grass, Mayfair 45mm Artificial Grass, ProPutt Golf Artificial Grass, Metal Edging, Kiln Dried Sand, White Golfing Sand
  • Residential/Business: Residential
  • Building Type: Detached House
  • Access: Side Access
  • Timeframe: 15 Days Completion


Very happy to have chosen My Lovely Lawn - a fresh and energetic team who were professional in designing my back garden golf course and suggested plenty of ideas. They sent me some large samples so I could evaluate the colours and test the grass for myself. Very tidy and the installers were polite and hardworking. Very happy having chosen them over several companies who didnt keep in communication with me and couldn't understand my needs. My neighbours are interested and have already recommended them. Thank you gentleman