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Clearance, Fencing, Patio Installation, Treated Sleeper Boxed Bed, Harpenden 38mm Artificial Grass, Lighting, Pebbles, Bamboo Removal



Quite an old design, where it's just natural turf and old paving. The garden looks dreary and needed a full makeover for the clients mother to enjoy when having family and friends over.


We cleared the whole garden, including the left hand side fence. Bamboo removal had grown through to the neighbours side of the garden, this required us to go excavate deeper and find the roots to eradicate them using recycled engine oil. We replaced all the neighbours patio tiles for this removal and kept good relations throughout the project (also ensuring cleanliness).

Close-board fence panels, concrete posts and gravel boards were used to mimic the right side fence design - the added effect of the concrete gravel boards is that it stops the fence wood from rotting.

A double height treated railway sleeper box was made for the clients mum to plant.

Harpenden 38mm artificial grass gave a luxury feel and amazing area for the client and their kids to relax.

The fence and shed areas were painted charcoal grey as well as the sleepers and shed in light brown

The patio installed are with London Stone 900x600 porcelain tiles which looks stunning with the contrasting colours of the greys, browns and greens of the area.

App controlled lights on the fence and sleepers were installed by our electrics team to provide mesmerising lighting mood in the evening.

The Challenge

Transforming an area which had a lot of bamboo overgrowth required some significant excavation. With that in mind, the customer now has a solid structural base for their patio and artificial grass area for good drainage and no more of that bamboo spreading!

The lighting had to be perfect, and for this the fencing had to reflect the same design on the right side. We had to custom cut some of the panels on the left side to ensure that the posts aligned perfectly with the right side which our pro carpenters achieved.

Finer Details

For more details and costings for this project, or would like to landscape your garden please get in touch with us.

  • Major Materials: Closeboard Featheredge Fence Panels, Concrete Gravel Boards, Concrete Posts, Treated Railway Sleepers 100mmx200mmx2.4m, Premium Screened Soil, MOT Type One, Granite Dust, London Stone 600x900mm tiles, Recessed Manhole Cover, Charcoal Grey & Brown Paint, White Spa Pebbles
  • Residential/Business: Residential
  • Building Type: Detached
  • Access: Side House
  • Timeframe: 7 Days Completion


Recently had my garden transformed from an unsightly, unusable, overgrown patch to a lovely summer haven, with a safe place for my son to play. Communication from start to finish was professional, informative, polite, friendly and never pushy. The installation team on the day, were polite, super efficient, made sure everything was clean and tidy before leaving, and kept me informed along ever step of the way to make sure i was happy with the progress. All thats left to do, is fill the garden with flowers and enjoy the summer to come! Very happy customer!