Artificial Grass Installation & Supply (Harpenden 38 & Pink SportPro with 10mm ShockPad)

The Brewhouse achieved a stunning area which is soft and radiated by lighting in their underground cellar creating a warm environment for their customers.


The Challenge

The Brewhouse requested a solution to help level off their current underground chalk area and install 2 areas of artificial grass which included soft artificial grass for their coffee drinkers and a coloured sports surface with 10mm Shockpad for the owners son's personal training area.

Finer Details

With significant chalk in the whole area as it was underground, we levelled off the area off using grano/granite dust. The main area for the coffee lovers had the luxurious look of Harpenden 38 artificial grass installed and for the personal training a compliment in colour with the Pink Sports Pro artificial grass installed with a 10mm shockpad to create a softness to the chalk ground whilst clients were training.

  • Major Materials: Grano/Granite Dust, 10mm Shockpad, Harpenden 38 Artificial Grass, Pink SportsPro Artificial Grass
  • Residential/Business: Business
  • Building Type: Semi-Detached Pub
  • Access: Side Access
  • Timeframe: 1 Day Completion

Looks great! Happy with the team and the service thank you