Artificial Grass Installation & Supply (Stadia24 & 10mm Shockpad Underlay)

Wyvil Primary School combined with Stadia 24 has reshaped this award winning facility for Children aged 3 to 11 with Speech and Language Impairment and Autism to create a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA).


The Challenge

To change this unlevel playing field with little drainage to a state of the art multi sport pitch.

Finer Details

Before laying any artificial grass, the whole tarmac area needed to be worked on. The team repaired any holes and highly worn areas. Additionally, the area had drainage problems which required an ACO channel which was hidden under the grass to allow the water to be drained efficiently.

Our 10mm shockpad underlay was installed as a cushioning layer for any falls the children may have playing on the surface. Then ready goes the installation of the grass - Stadia24 which is a 4G product that requires no rubber crumb in-fill and uses monafilament layer to keep the blades up providing a great bounce. The advantage to this grass is that there is no top up of infill reducing your maintenance cost on this to zero.

Additionally artificial grass white lines were carefully installed to create permanent boundaries, which are more preferred than painted lines to reduce maintenance costs.

  • Major Materials: ACO Drainage Channels, 10mm Shockpad Underlay, Stadia24 Multi Sport Artificial Grass
  • Residential/Business: Business
  • Building Type: School
  • Access: Side Access via Ramp
  • Timeframe: 5 Days Completion

Brilliant job, the kids are happy and the drainage issues are fixed. Great team, thank you.