We don't just do lawns! Our full list of services:

  • Artificial & Natural lawns
  • Groundworks (foundations/drainage)
  • Paving (porcelain / natural stones)
  • Decking (composite/timber)
  • Fencing (cladding/standard)
  • Custom Carpentry
  • Soft Landscaping/Planting
  • Plumbing & Electrical Installations
  • Outhouse buildings
  • 3D and 2D designs


Artificial Grass requires an expert finish to ensure your lawn is designed to last. All our Home artificial turf installation, Pet Friendly artificial grass and Commercial installation services can include:

  • Levelling or Flattening Lawn,
  • Garden Clearance,
  • Patio Installation,
  • Weed, Tree and Stump Removal and
  • Edging
  • Full Project Management

My Lovely Lawn artificial grass fitters design, supply and install premium-grade artificial lawns for homes and businesses in London and Surrey.  

Our low-maintenance artificial grass does not need cutting, watering or fertiliser and is sourced from reputable companies in Europe. The premium-quality grass we deliver is toxin-free and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Our creative design team help you realise your dream garden and provide a range of high-quality materials that is soft, safe, functional and created for families to bond and have fun.

We have a wide range of premium-quality, toxic-free and dirt-free artificial lawns that are easy to clean, and provide a safe and comfortable play area for all types of pets.

Revamp your business property or exhibition space with our range of alluring designs and low-maintenance artificial grass to attract clients and provide employees with relaxing green space.

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We wanted the project done before the start of March. Adam and Dilan delivered. The garden is transformed and fully useable. We continuously discussed minor tweaks to improve the final result. MLL were attentive and professional and the final result is amazing. I would have no hesitation in recommending these guys.


“We had terrible drainage and worms ruining our lawn. Dilan & Adam have dramatically changed my garden, planning with precision. My wife and I are happy and am enjoying the putting green a lot. Fully recommended”


I originally spoke to Dilan who was very comforting surrounding the entire installation process and getting my quote put together. For the logistics and fitting Adam and his team took over and kept me in the loop for my opinion on the fit. They were very professional from start to finish. I am super pleased with the result. Would definitely recommend to others and would go with them in future for any additional houses.


"Dilan and his team transformed our commercial premises with professionalism. My customers can now eat and enjoy the outdoors, during lockdown thank-you for everything"


“We are so impressed with the quality and price of the work performed by your employees. My wife and I absolutely love our transformation from natural turf to artificial grass. Thank-you!”


So impressed by the work the boys did in our small garden this week. They understood our needs - three lively Labradors who have destroyed the grass lawn we laid only a few months ago - and helped us arrive at a solution. They stepped up to fit us in promptly and completed the job in the predicted timeframe. Very satisfied. No hesitation in recommending this business highly.


“ My Lovely Lawn's workmanship and attention detail is second to none. We have an eye catcher of a garden. Look no further for an Artificial Grass installer, approach My Lovely Lawn with confidence!”


"Superb service, turned up and completed on time! Job was professionally finished and communication throughout the whole journey was superb. I am in love with My Lovely Lawn!"


"Josh, the kids and I are loving the new artificial grass playground in our garden installed by My Lovely Lawn. What a transformation, we spend more time outside with the kids and I love it"



What does My Lovely Lawn Do?

My Lovely Lawn is an artificial grass fitter in London that provides an all-in-one artificial lawn installation service. We supply premium astro turf, design your law and install the product. This gives you the convenience of working with one company rather than two. It is far easier to plan, organise and manage your installation this way. 

In addition to grass installations, we provide a comprehensive service to prepare the surface area together with accessories to add the finishing touches. We’ve thought about just about everything.

Whether you want a lovely lawn for a landscape garden, pet-friendly artificial grass, a smooth surface for playing football or other sports, a putting green, or a children’s play area, our hand-picked selection of high-quality grasses provides a solution. 

We also deliver lawn levelling and flattening, garden clearance, patio installation, weed, tree and stump removal, edging and much more. We also pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service that matches the high quality of our products, so feel free to tell us what you need and we will find the perfect solution. 

What can you use artificial grass for?

Artificial grass installations are highly versatile and can be used for practically anything you would expect to do on ordinary grass - and more. Artificial astro turf installations don’t look out of place in an indoor environment either. They don’t smell of grass sods or cause allergies either. 

My Lovely Lawn has installed artificial grass in numerous locations including residential properties, commercial properties, ornamental gardens, professional pet handlers, children’s play areas, balconies, event stands, roof gardens, hotels, schools, public areas, beer gardens, outside seating areas, professional athletic surfaces and more. 

What’s the best way to choose a fake grass installation?

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the best artificial lawn and artificial grass fitter for you. We appreciate there are quite a few options and it can be difficult to know which type of artificial turf best suits your needs.

If you navigate to the Shop page, you will find the selection of astroturf we offer. Clicking on the image will take you through to the product description page where we provide information in relation to pile height, pile density, colour etc. We also list the type of buyer the grass is suited for. 

The Shop page also includes an explanation of what features to look for when choosing the right artificial grass. We explain what pile height and pile density are so you have a better idea as to the type of feature to look for in an artificial lawn installation. 

Of course, the easiest way to choose the best artificial grass to meet your needs is to contact us and speak with one of our friendly artificial grass fitters. We are available to connect through multiple communication channels including WhatsApp, FaceTime, Instagram, Facebook/Messenger, Skype, website, phone, mobile, SMS. We’re even training a carrier pigeon (not really). 

Getting in touch with us makes your life easier and will cut down your research time. Our artificial grass fitters give you the best choices of grass to peruse and send free samples so you can assess the look and feel. We recommend laying the samples in the position where you will lay the lawn so you see which colour shows up the best. The appearance of your lawn will look different throughout the day depending on whether it’s in the shade or in the sunlight. 

How long will the installation process take?

The duration of an artificial grass installation will depend on several factors; the size of the area that requires grass, the amount of preparation work required and whether we are held up by poor weather conditions. 

Simple installations can be completed in a day. Other jobs will take more time. For example, if a lot of groundwork is required to remove tree and rubble, then level the ground, the installation process will naturally take longer. We’ll be able to provide you with an estimate after surveying to land and assessing the extent of work that’s required. 

What’s the best time of year to install an artificial lawn?

Weather permitting you can install an artificial lawn any time of year. Obviously torrential rain and heavy snowfall are going to hamper the progress of our artificial grass fitters so winters tend to require some degree of flexibility. 

May to September are usually the best months in terms of warmth and sunlight, but there is no guarantee the British weather won’t take a turn for the worst and delay the installation process. It’s a case of fingers crossed really.

What material is artificial grass made from?

The selection of artificial grass we offer at my Lovely Lawn is made from recycled polymers (plastics). Most of our collection is a blend of polypropylene and polythene because they offer strength, durability and softness. 

Nylon is the most hardwearing material for artificial grass but it’s also abrasive so not the most suitable for children. Pets or play areas. 

Polythene is the most common material for home installations and commercial installations that provide astroturf playing fields. Most premium grasses combine a blend of polythene and polypropylene because it is soft and durable so you get the best of both worlds.

How do I know if the artificial grass sample is of good quality?

The quality of the artificial grass you install will determine how long it lasts. There are several easy checks you can make; price, country of origin and backing. 

Low-cost artificial grass is usually low-quality. This is particularly true for cheap artificial grass manufactured in China and other parts of Asia. The best quality artificial grass is manufactured in Europe where quality standards are markedly higher. 

The backing on cheap artificial grass also comes away easily. When this happens the bottom layer does not have a sufficient amount of latex in it. As a result, the fibres will not stand erect for long. The fibres go limp and look unsightly within five years - if you’re lucky.

High-quality artificial grass should last about 20 years or more. The colour in cheap artificial grass made in China fades after 2-3 years. If you compare the prices, the longevity of high-quality artificial grass is much more cost-effective. To replace low-quality artificial grass every 4 or 5 years will cost more than 2.5 times as much over the same time period. 

To ensure your artificial lawn installation looks impeccable for many years, we recommend purchasing artificial turf manufactured in Europe. Our collection of fake grass is all manufactured to the highest quality standards so you can be assured of getting the best return for your investment. 

Is artificial grass safe for pets and children?

The artificial grass we supply at My Lovely Lawn is safe for pets and children. However, we can’t say that for every brand of artificial grass in the UK market. 

With safety in mind, we have hand-picked a selection of high-quality artificial turf sourced from Europe. The safety standards and regulations that control the type of materials manufacturers can and cannot use are more reliable in the EU.

You may have seen that artificial grass has historically received bad press. This is because some countries manufacture artificial turf with rubber from recycled car tyres. 

There is the potential for fake grass made from recycled car tyres to contain harmful toxins such as lead and other heavy metals. Astroturf manufactured in the EU, on the other hand, is subject to stringent safety standards which ban the use of materials that are potentially damaging to the health of anyone that uses it. 

To be on the safe side, we recommend investing in artificial turf manufactured in Europe because it is manufactured with safety in mind.

Are artificial grass installations in London eco-friendly?

Premium artificial turf is designed to be eco-friendly. They are manufactured using recycled plastics in an effort to repurpose waste products and reduce the amount of energy used to manufacture garden products. 

In addition, artificial lawns help to reduce your carbon footprint. They do not require mowing so you don’t use electricity, and they do not require weedkiller or fertiliser to prevent polluting the air with chemicals.

Eco-friendly astro turf is becoming more popular. Manufactures have found a a way to create artificial grass from the same plastic so that the lawns are fully recyclable at the end of life. This means they are easier to dispose of.

What’s the best artificial turf installation for properties in London?

The type of artificial lawn installation depends on how you intend to use it. We offer a variety of lawns for specific and general purposes. If you’re not sure which type of artificial grass in London best suits your needs, the best thing to do is contact us and speak to our artificial grass fitter. We are here to help and happy to answer your questions. 

In addition, we send free grass samples to customers in London, Surrey, Hertfordshire and the rest of the UK so you can get a sense of how fake grass looks and feels. We recommend laying it in the area where you intend to install your lawn so you can see how the colour appears at different times of the day, in the light and in the shade. Make sure to give it a good brush up and allow the heat to hit the grass for a real feel.

Do you offer a warranty on your artificial grass?

Yes, all our artificial turf comes with a 10-year warranty to reflect the high quality of materials used. Warranty may not be offered for installations that you fit yourself, however, because the longevity of artificial grass can be cut short if the installation process is not carried out properly. Other terms and conditions apply to our warranty also. 

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