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My Lovely Lawn stocks an extensive range of artificial grass for you to choose from. With so many options, we appreciate choosing the right type of artificial grass for your home, business or event space can be quite daunting. 


With this in mind, we have included critical details in the product descriptions below. This will provide you with some guidance. Simply click on the image of the grass to access the product information.

Below the selection of artificial grass accessories, you will also find additional information which will help you understand what to look for when choosing the right lawn for you. 


The easiest way to choose the right type of artificial grass, of course, is to contact us and speak with one of our friendly advisers. We are always happy to make recommendations for you and will reduce your research time tenfold. 


We also send you free samples so you can get a feel for the softness, colour and naturalness of synthetic grass. Our free artificial grass sample packs are sent on request to every customer in London, Surrey and Hertfordshire.

Our Range of Artificial Grass


Family Lawn

Soft artificial grass with a low pile height and excellent bounce-back recovery is most suitable for families. Select a lawn designed for play areas and are able to withstand heavy traffic all year round.


Pet-Friendly Lawn 

Households with pets should opt for soft artificial grass. If you have a dog or cat, fake grass with a Polyurethane backing helps with the management of urine and excrement, but there is not a great deal of different if you use zeolite  to soak up moisture.


Ornamental Lawn

Ornamental lawns are ideal for commercial properties and landscaped gardens with low-traffic areas. Artificial grass with a taller pile height works well because they look more natural and have better aesthetics. 


All-Rounder Lawn 

Residential homes and commercial properties that use the lawn occasionally but may have a lot of people on it at the same time, such as a garden party or a “lunchtime lawn” could be persuaded to go for artificial grass which is considered an all-rounder. 

Pile height refers to the length of the grass fibres. This is an important factor to consider when choosing the right type of artificial grass for you because pile height plays a huge role in the look and performance of synthetic lawns. 

Our range of artificial grass starts with a pile height of 23mm and goes up to 44mm. These measurements are the most popular and arguably the most sensible for residential and commercial properties. However, the best type of artificial grass for you depends on how you intend to use the lawn

If you prefer the look of freshly cut grass, a short pile height between 23-30mm is ideal. Shorter pile heights are slightly more hardwearing so handle heavy traffic better. Shorter pile heights are also better for playing sports.


Longer pile heights such as 40mm artificial grass and above are ideal for people that prefer a thick, lush lawn that is akin to a field. 


40mm artificial grass can handle light to moderate traffic. Anything higher than 40mm tends to flatten quicker whereby your lawn has a shorter lifespan before it starts looking worn.


Mid-range artificial grasses with 30-40mm pile heights are ideal for property owners looking for an “all-rounder” lawn. You will still be able to play sports such as football on a mid-range artificial grass at the lower spectrum of the pile height, but you also get the benefits of an aesthetically pleasing lawn. 

Pile density refers to the number of stitches per square metre - “tufts per m2”. The more stitches per square metre, the more resolute the synthetic fibres are to heavy traffic. 


The number of stitches per square metre is important if you prefer a taller pile height. Artificial grass with a 40mm pile height or above are considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing but flatten sooner if there is a lot of foot traffic trampling down the fibres. 


If you expect to use your lawn regularly but prefer a lush, natural look, choose a type of artificial grass with a high pile density to offset the pile height. 

Lawns with a dense pile start from 18,000 stitches per square metre. Some of the lawns in our artificial range of artificial grass have a pile density of around 25,000-27,000 per sq. m.

For lawns that are not expected to receive a lot of foot traffic, a lower density will suffice. Artificial grass with fewer stitches per square metre is more cost-effective.


Pile density also plays a part in how synthetic grass looks and feels. You may need to consider which angle the lawn will be viewed from. 


In residential homes, you will most often see the lawn from a lower level. When viewed from a distance at ground height, fake grass with a lower pile density looks thick and lush. You cannot see that there are fewer fibres. 


If the lawn will be viewed from a balcony or a roof garden, the gaps are more noticeable and the lawn looks less natural. Commercial properties such as hotels and office towers are better suited to artificial grass with a higher pile density.

Most artificial lawns are manufactured from polythene (Polyethylene), polypropylene or nylon. The majority of lawns in our range of artificial grass are a blend of polythene and polypropylene as they are softer and better suited to families with children and pets. 


Nylon lawns are slightly more hardwearing but also cost significantly more than polythene-polypropylene blends. Nylon is also a coarser material so does not feel as soft to the touch.


The types of artificial grass in our collection are a mix of polythene and polypropylene because they are more realistic, durable and have better recovery after use. 

Polythene fibres offer a higher quality than 100% polypropylene, but the latter is curly so helps to make the grass look more natural. 


The types of artificial grass in our range are manufactured with a higher propensity of Polythene for several reasons. Polythene does not collect mould or mildew, its translucent nature allows less light through and it has a lower static charge than polypropylene so it attracts less dust.

Colour is a personal choice but the tone of artificial grass has an impact on how rich and natural your lawn looks. The colour of the fibres also plays a part in how your entire garden looks at certain times of the day. 

The amount of sunlight the grass receives naturally changes how the colours show up. If you receive a lot of sunlight in the area you will be laying your lawn, a darker colour grass may be better. 


The reverse is true. Lighter coloured fibres show up better in shaded areas. However, it depends on whether you want your lawn to have a rich, deep green appearance or look closer to the colour of a natural grass lawn. 


To get a good feel for how your lovely lawn will look once it is fully installed, we recommend taking advantage of the free samples we send out to customers in Kent, Surrey and London. 

We recommend laying the free samples we send you in the areas where you will be installing your artificial lawn. Examining artificial grass samples indoors where natural light is limited does not give you a true reflection of how the grass will look in your garden.


Laying your samples outdoors also gives you a better impression of how the grass will appear at different times of the day, in sunlight and in the shade.

The type of yarn used to manufacture artificial grass refers to the shape of the fibres. Yarns are generally a mix of straight and curly fibres but are shaped in V, W, S, C, oval and diamond. 

There is not a great deal of difference in performance in yarns, although S, C oval and diamond are the most modern and considered an upgrade to V and W yarns. 


Curly shaped yarnshave a more natural appearance and the microfibres have a reinforced seam which gives the fibres the strength to bounce back quicker. 


The different technologies used are said to have different characteristics. 


Artificial grass yarns manufactured with monofilament indicate the grass is tufted using single fibres to give the lawn more resilience. Single fibres also make the lawn appear the same regardless of the direction you are looking at it from.


Extra spine technology is a perfect all-rounder. The fibres have the soft touch of luxury artificial grass but the strength of lawns designed to suit your choice of lifestyle. 


Air Blade Max Diamond yarns feature heat-reflective colour pigments which help to lower the temperature of the fibres in intense sunlight and advanced UV inhibitors which have a higher resistance to sunlight and less likely to fade even after 20 years. 


MicroNerve Technology (MiNT) helps to absorb natural sunlight and reduce glare. This type of artificial grass is best suited for open spaces and roof gardens. 


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Our range of artificial grass has been specifically handpicked for its premium quality, natural look and suitability for residential homes, commercial properties and general use. 


For more information and advice about which types of artificial grasses meet your needs, contact us today and speak with one of your friendly and knowledgeable team. 

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