Stadia 4G MUGA 24mm Artificial Grass

Stadia 4G MUGA 24mm Artificial Grass


Stadia 24 is a next-generation artificial grass sports surface. The product includes a unique curled monofilament layer that acts as an in-fill. This means there is no need for a sand or rubber-crumb in-fill which avoids the potential for ‘Sand Splash’ during play, and it means that there is no brushing maintenance needed or topping up, substantially reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Features & Benefits
• No Rubber-Crumb or Sand In-Fill
• Can be Laid over Concrete, Tarmac and Granular surfaces
• Easier to maintain
• No sand migration
• No potential for ‘Sand Splash’
• Colours (white, red, blue & yellow) for play lines
• Made in Europe
• 10 Years Warranty
• No harmful substances
• Pet Safe

Who’s it for?
• MUGA, Schools, Sports Surfaces, Gyms
• Usage for Football, Tennis, Rugby, General Play
• Heavy traffic

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Next Generation of 4G Technology

Stadia 4G is an innovation for Artificial Grass Sports Surfaces. The unique combination of a tough fibrillated Artificial Grass supported by a curled Monofilament layer means, that Stadia 24 is a quality Synthetic Sports Surface that doesn’t require a sand or rubber crumb in-fill.

The Most Popular Choice for Multi Use Games Areas

Schools across the country install Stadia 4G in their multi use games areas to provide a long lasting solution to all the sporting needs.

Used for games including football, hockey, rugby and tennis - this unique artificial grass is able to be installed on several surfaces keeping costs low from the initial outlay and in perpetuity for minimal maintenance, yet maintaining a long and durable solution for the years to come.

Additional information


Light, Medium


Formulated Latex Compound

Material Long Description


Pile Height


Roll Length Available

From 1m, in increments of 0.1m

Tufts per m2


UV Resistance

>3000 hours



Colour Long Description

Sea Green / Dark Green


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My Lovely Lawn artificial grass is made in the EU (unlike most products in the marketplace) – meaning your grass is tested, safe and warranted for years to enjoy. My Lovely Lawn grass is:

Child Safe

Safe, free from toxins and durable for your children to play on.

Pet Safe

Manufactured free from heavy metals and toxic substances that could be harmful to your pets. With grass that is soft and springy, your pets will love to run and roll on your new space all year round!

UV Protected

Fully stabilised against UV fading for a peace of mind. Other, lower quality artificial grasses experience colour fading from a couple months to years after installation. 

Warranted for 10 years

Transparent market leading warranty for 10 years. The warranty covers colour fastness, resistance to UV, deterioration to the yarn and backing caused by wet conditions, dimensional stability and tuft locking of fibres.